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Thread: MMOHut Needs a Second Look.

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    Default MMOHut Needs a Second Look.

    I Understand that In games for people your First Look's Goal was to show people What to expect when you start the game, and that later game content is Usually on the internet, However It would Be Nice to get a glance at an educated Idea of the Game. My statement is this.

    There are allot of "late game content" but usually its "watch this move i did on this other PvP player.
    Its commonly known that People see these characters and say, Wow that was cool i better make a mage/rouge/assasin/healer/randomclass Because that guy did that wicked move! but usually Games don't always Play out that way. It might be nice as to Look Deeper into Further out gameplay. Maybe Not level to like level 50 But at least try and show more content on what to expect in a late-game Experience. You could Show more Skill Trees, or try and show how the stats effect the player. Maybe what to expect from certain classes? Its a thought! just saying!

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    The purpose of the "first look" videos was to show people what they could expect from the first ten to fifteen minutes of a game. Recently, the past year or so, things have changed a bit. The first look gives a bit more of an in-depth look, and will sometimes even show the game from the perspective of multiple classes. Take a look at the recent First Looks and see if they're more like what you want.

    Here's an example, one of the latest First Looks. It's for Scarlet Blade.
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    Plenty of independent people make such videos, explaining the game in-depth.

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