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Thread: New Game Introduced - Gero Blaster (from the creator of Cave Story)

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    Talking New Game Introduced - Gero Blaster (from the creator of Cave Story)

    Hello. What's up guys? There's another cool game coming in this year. It's called Gro Blaster. I read it will be released this May.

    Daisuke Amaya, the indie game developer responsible for the popular freeware game Cave Story, took the stage at the independent developer conference BitSummit to announce his newest game, Gero Blaster.

    Gero Blaster is a side-scrolling platformer that looks similar to Amaya’s Cave Story and uses elements from Megaman, Metroid, and Castlevania. The player controls a gun-toting frog named Kaeru who must rescue his girlfriend, a cat who is kidnapped and taken to a mysterious planet.

    The game harks back to...
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    what are your thoughts about this new game? Should be interesting.

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    Cave Story had nice gameplay/music/story... I'd be interested in playing Gro Blaster as well. It's remarkable that he has gone so mainstream.

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