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Thread: Guardians Of Savilla

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    (Imma pick on you a tiny bit Shadow. . )

    "Thank you Tatianna. With you and Marcus there I know things will go great." Erina answers, smiling kindly at Tatianna and Marcus. She motions for Thomas - who is now working the sound system to flip the Mic on. He gives her a thumbs up when everything's powered up. Erina clears her throat and looks out to the crowd, noticing Aydin Harc sneaking in to stand beside his brother. Most would have a hard time telling them apart but Erina could easily pick out their differences. "Nice of you to join us Aydin," Erina says teasingly. Normally she would dish out some form of punishment but decides against it seeing as today is special.

    "Welcome everyone, today we have a special schedule to attend to. The awaited field day has finally arrived and I will now name the students who will be going from the level two class, if you are not called you may go to class immediately." Erina shuffles through the roster. Most of the newer level two students would be going.

    "Helena Bordan, Chance Cornell, Hady Cornell, Aydin Harc, Christopher Harc, Bela Moore, Niklaus Winters, and Baeya st. Claire."Erina can hear a few kids grumble as they leave, mostly the young trainees who can't go out yet because of their age, despite being level two already. Its a small grouping of people, but Erina knows Marcus and Tatianna will have a handful. Before announcing who goes with who she decides to state a few rules.

    "Many of you may know what its like outside Savilla, but others who were born here do not," She tries not to look directly Helena. "There are rules we must abide by. One, as trainees you are not aloud to get in the middle of civilian affairs or endanger yourselves or the civilians in any way. Two, listen to your instructor at all time, this day is meant for learning what to do while not within the safe walls of Savilla. And three, do not leave the city on your own." Erina figures these rules won't be hard for the adults in the group to follow, but the young teens might have trouble with this. Erina remembers when she was young and the Guardians initiative started. She remembers being a handful for her instructor, a first generation man who slowly lost his mind day by day.

    "You'll be split up into groups now. With Marcus will be Chance, Christopher, Helena, and Niklaus. With Tatianna will be Hady, Baeya, Aydin, and Bela." Erina stifles a slight laugh. Tatianna will have a field day with Bela. With nothing else to say she sets the Mic aside and steps away from the podium. Its a clear dismassal for them To go ahead.
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    ( haha I love how you put the trouble maker with all girls . . . just hoping your intention was two chemicals and two humans lol. Still love it just picking on you back a little bit. .)

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    Helena snaps out of her dazed state of mind, glancing sharply to Chris. She smiles lightly, absent mindedly running her fingers through her hair to smooth it away from her face. "Oh, hello. How are you?" Helena doesn't often speak to others, save for Baeya who very rarely talks to her but still does so on occasion. Her aloof nature often puts people off. And if that doesn't do it then its her beyond book smarts intelligence that does. Helena practically knows ever law and new society amendment by heart, and aces all of her normal subjects like math and English. Though her social ineptitude could be considered childishly cute in a way. She looks at him for a long time, trying to determine which twin he is. There are differences between the two Harc boys, but Helena unfortunately never paid them much mind to learn the differences between them.

    The other Harc twin comes in late, and Erina calls him out on it. So now Helena knows she's talking to Chris at least. Erina starts in on her big speech, which Helena mostly zones out to. Until of course she mentions the whole 'being born in Savilla thing' which Helena hates to hear about. Her parents didn't want her to be killed outside, so what? She isn't so different because she never saw what its like out there. At least now she'll be prepared for what's to come. Erina tells them what teams they are on and she's a little sad that Baeya isn't with her in Marcus's group. She would have liked that calm familiarity with her. But on the upside Chris is on her team, so they can finish their barely started conversation, and maybe Helena will gain a new friend. That is if she doesn't screw it up right away.

    She watches Marcus descend the stage and impulsively grabs ahold of Chris, his hand fitting easily into hers. She smiles a little brighter, childishly. "Come on," she says.
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