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    Default Guardians Of Savilla

    This will mostly be free form, with no real determined plot. It will be a group effort to determine where it goes and what goes on.

    If we could have truly seen the end before it happened...then maybe...just maybe we could have avoided this.

    The date is April 2nd 2041, the time is 2: 31 pm. As usual its quiet, too quiet for a City of this magnitude. At one time it was known as New York, but that name has faded away with the rest of our history. Above, where the ruins of long fallen skyscrapers and corpses of its former citizens reside, is where people who survived the fall of civilization live. Below, in tunnels long forgotten by time, people known only as Chemicals make their home.

    Chemicals.....They are the reason everything happened.

    It all started with the first Chemical, known as the mother of all. Every Chemical came from her blood, as it held the only fully functioning sample of the Chemical gene. Scientists thought they had created the perfect human. Strong, ageless, resilient, and able to withstand and adapt to any environment they found themselves in.....but they are far from perfect. Many died in the early stages of life, others went insane. Some lived, but ended up causing a sickness to spread over the world. This sickness warped the brain, made you crazy, and in the end left you rotting with the rest of the unburied corpses.

    Humans who survived rallied together and forced the Chemicals away. Sent them to the Tunnels to live among the rats and filth. And once they were gone they began rebuilding society. But there are still those few Chemicals who hate the humans, want them gone so they could rule over the new society.

    My name is Erina, and the reason I'm telling you all this is because I am a second generation Chemical. A survivor among the many who died during that time. I live above the Tunnels, among humans whom I currently protect and serve. I'm what's known as a Guardian, but you must already know that since you're here.

    Whether you are human or Chemical you're here for the same reason. You want to protect the new society from the dangers that lurk within. To keep the world thriving with new life so that it may go on, and someday Chemical and Human may live side by side.
    So welcome new recruits, to Savilla Sanctuary, where you will begin your training as a Guardian.

    Setting: Savilla Sanctuary, the only place in the world that Chemicals and Humans may both live. Sevilla is mostly a school of a sorts for Guardians (or officers if you prefer) to train so they may protect the world from crime, human and chemical alike. Savilla serves also as a refugee for those who don't belong in society itself. After graduating from Savilla even if your a Chemical you may return to society.

    Savilla is completely surrounded by a glass dome that controls the heating and cooling systems, as well as gives the illusion of a natural settings. Its consists of several buildings, three gardens with parks in two of them, and a quarry. The buildings consist of a main school building with an attached training building, two apartment housing systems, a supermarket, and places of entertainment like libraries and a movie theatre.
    Humans (this is self explanatory, all you need to know is they have a general hate for Chemicals)
    Chemicals: basically humans that are stronger and more resilient. They have a heightened pain tolerance and can adapt to any environment they come in contact with instantly. They are also able to stop the process of aging in their body, but unfortunately not in mentality or health. They often die young or go insane. Their added strength only lasts for a short amount of years, and usually by their early thirties they lose this strength all together. They are often more mentally unstable than humans. There are different generations too. The first were wiped out. The second only a few still live, and are between forty to seventy years old. The third is the strongest generation, consisting mostly adult between 20-39. And the fourth is the youngest, mostly children or teenagers of any age.

    Character sheets: you do not have to have an image

    (Image here - must be realistic.)
    Extra: (Anything else you want to add)

    My characters.

    Name: Erina Skye
    Age: 48
    Race: Chemical; Gen 2
    Appearance: Erina stopped changing appearance in her late thirties. She has long wavy brow hair that falls to her middle back, streaked with shades of gray. Her darker tan skin isn't all too wrinkled from her age but the obvious age signs are there. Her eyes show signs of possible Asian descent, and are deep brown in color. She's on the tall side, standing at a staggering five foot eight and a half inches, and has kept a more athletic appearance due to training the new recruits.
    Personality: Level headed and kind, but goes off at the oddest of times. Her stability is questionable, but for the moment she is the only one willing to run Sevilla and training people. She often meditates to keep a calm mind. She offers good advice to those who seek it and help in times of need. She's kind hearted at the best of times, and atomic at the worst.
    Extra: none.

    Name: Bela Moore
    Age: 20
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Bela is on the shorter side, only five foot four and is slim. She's more ghost-like than anything, with pale white skin, long curly black hair, and freckles spattered over her face. Her eyes are light blue. She wears glasses, but only needs them for reading really. People often underestimate her because of how small she is, and how she looks more like a child than a Guardian trainee.
    Personality: Strong willed and determined. She has a short temper that can go off at any moment, and finds that her lack of strength is made up by her will power. She's brave and will run head first into battle, even at the cost of her own life. She finds it amusing when others age scared, and can often be described as a bully. She does have weaknesses though, and secretly fears her own mortality, and the fact she could die at any moment in time. If faced with certain death in a situation where she has to think about dying, she will most likely breakdown.
    Extra: Actually doesn't hate Chemicals as much as she let's on, and only is mean to them because they are so much stronger than she is, but can't hurt her because of the laws.

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    My only rules are you don't meta game, hijack, or kill another player.
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