Name: Baeya St. Claire
Age: 17
Race: Human
Appearance: Baeya stands at the medium tall height of five foot six, is somewhat stocky with muscle but still fairly thin. Her hair is naturally blonde and her eyes brown. She can be seen mostly in plaid button up shirts and shorts or blue jeans. She isn't really bothered by the latest fashion or wearing make up,and also really doesn't care about things that are girly.
Personality: A tomboy at heart. Baeya isn't afraid to get down and dirty with the best of them, and won't stop training herself to be the best. However she is jealous of the Chemicals. She thinks things come to them way to easy, that their genes make it so they are so much better than humans. in short she won't blatantly hate on a Chemical but getting her to talk to or be friends with one might not be very easy. she's a free spirit that can't be contained, and she hardly pays attention to rules.
Extra: Baeya comes from a prejudice family.

Name: Marcus Fayette
Age: 47
Race: Human
Appearance: Marcus is tall and wiry, more lean than muscular. His strength is mostly in his upper body and its easier for him to teach combat or tactical shooting classes. His hair is somewhat descending and graying heavily, showing because of his black hair. He isn't yet completely wrinkly, but there are age lines around his eyes and mouth. His eyes are slate gray. He dresses sensibly, jeans, t-shirts, never anything really suitable for a teacher.
Personality: Brave and Smart are two of his most identifiable traits. He won't back down from a challenge either, and has vowed to protect this world with his life. As a full Guardian he makes sure the kids get the proper training they need. He isntexactly the most strict instructor and often goofs off on the job. He's been known to often take the Trainees on field days more than allowed, but thus far has never gotten in trouble for it.
Extra: none.