Marcus is early, he knows because the alarm hasn't rung yet and only the janitor is here, setting up. Erina had informed him that today would be a field day, and honestly he could care less. Field days are easily the easiest days at the school. He goes over to the janitor, making small talk with him until the alarm rings. When it does he disappears to the back of the room to watch the proceedings. Students file in slowly or quickly depending on how late they think they will be. Marcus spots a familiar student - he's really bad with names - and a younger student nearly getting into it. Marcus very nearly steps in bit the smaller girl runs off in fear so he does nothing.

He patiently waits for all the students to get in, sometimes moving around to break up any impending fights. These are good people but the haphazard workings of the school makes it hard for people not to argue with each other. Marcus just hopes he gets some good kids, preferably not any older ones. They are usually the hardest to handle, not wanting to listen to authority figures.

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Baeya's late, she knows it. She slept two minutes past the alarm and still hasn't showered. She does so quickly, drying her hair out and braiding it quickly. She throws on a pair of jeans, a red plaid button up shirt, and a pair of black sneakers. She locks her door, not really trustful of the people in Savilla, and jogs at a steady pace to the school. She rushes in with a group of obvious chemicals, waving and smiling only at one girl she considers to be her friend, despite being a chemical. She slinks to the back of the room as usual, spotting Helena not too far away. Of all the Chemicals in this school Helena is her favorite; she doesn't flaunt her powers like others do.Baeya goes to stand by her, smiling.