Eclipse Origins 2D MMORPG Engine

Eclipse Origins is a windows based 2D MMORPG game creation suite. In a matter of minutes you can download Eclipse and be designing your own online RPG for you, your friends, and the whole world to play with no programming knowledge at all! We have many features including player housing, combat system, click to walk, complete GUI designer, in-game mail system and much, much, much more!

Sadly I am only allowed to post 1 link in this topic so I cannot give any screenshots or make this topic looks extremely nice at this point (I am assuming that the restrictions will be lifted as I post some more) Anyways, everything can be found at our site if you would like to check it out.

We are still growing as we just re-released the engine (3/29) and we are trying to build up our community at the same time. If you decide to use the engine be sure to sign up on our community as well for support and just a great place (like this one) to hang out.


Note To Mods/Admins: Running a community myself I generally make sure that there are no rules to when and how much content must be added to a advertisement thread like this one. I did not see any restrictions specifically in the pinned topics in this section however if I have violated any forum rules I apologize.