Hello folks! I'm Smitten and I was wondering how many of you have heard of the free-to-play 3rd person MOBA called Smite?

I used to be a pretty fanatical WoW player, logged in for the first time shortly after the release of classic and just couldn't put it down as I was in love with the setting and the gameplay (pvp especially) until I found this game. My subscription to WoW is history and I couldn't imagine going back, not saying that will happen to you, but it did to me!

I'm now producing a youtube series called "How to Fail at Smite" where I examine each of the gods and give you tips on how to play correctly by analyzing my mistakes!

Here's a look at both the game and my series! If you'd like to play Smite, I've got a link in the description so you can setup your account!

Let me know what you think and if you'd like to try it out with me!