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Thread: Grimlands attempting second life through Kickstarter

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    Looks pretty cool to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felore View Post
    nothing new in this one, same bullshit like every game, they really need to think outside the box and create something new and innovative.

    Just look at all the new Korean/Jap games in development in 2013, all focusing on fast paced action combat, seems like thats where next generation of gaming is going.
    Your post seems to indicate that you never even played it.

    It wasn't the best executed game, but it had neat ideas that encouraged player economic development, action-oriented shooter combat, and some light sandbox features. Saying it's the "same bullshit like every game" really just seems like a cop-out for your pessimistic outlook on gaming.

    Also, why would you criticize this game's supposed generic features and bring up the fact that all Korean/Japanese games you look forward to all have "fast-paced action combat"? New feature or not, wouldn't that just create a new level of normality in the industry, thus stifling developer creativity? It seems to contradict your point.
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