You might have seen Grimlands on the website of our former publisher gamigo who supported development so far. Why then, are we turning to Kickstarter now?

The reason is simple: gamigo was sold to another company last year and – without going into confidential details – changed its strategy from Development to only Distribution. Several games were cancelled, some put on hold and unfortunately, Grimlands was one of them. However, after more than four years of hard work, countless sleepless nights, weekends spend in the office and several million Dollars invested in development, we are refusing to give up.

There is no way around it, even though we are close to release, big games cost big money. With the recent economic downturn and some game companies closing doors, investors are shying away from hardcore games. Many publishers look only at mobile and social games. Yet we believe in a true hard core MMORPG: We have raised money from relatives and friends to keep the project alive so far but in order to finish it, we need your help!

But it’s not only about finishing Grimlands: Had we turned to external sources like publishers, investment firms, or loans to finance the development, promotion, servers, new content and support, it would mean to again have strings attached that can quickly steer the game in the wrong direction and away from our initial vision.

Crowd-sourced fundraising like Kickstarter now gives a way out of this situation and gives independent developers the resources needed to develop their game exactly like they envisioned it. This is why we decided to take Grimlands to Kickstarter and ensure that it will be presented to gamers the way we envisioned it from the beginning without any compromised to be made on the way there.