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Thread: Factors you consider when choosing a game

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    Default Factors you consider when choosing a game

    Ever since action MMORPG's came out, i feel like point-and-click or WASD + mouse and target-locked combat would already feel boring to me. Well, i just tried Rose Online again as i keep seeing there are many players. Plus i wasn't really able to explore the game years back. It's well-made for an mmorpg that started 2005-ish but im having some hesitations because of the controls. but overall, i think i could learn to love it and they say it only takes about 2weeks for you to reach cap. Im just after end game PvP actually

    So how about you, what factors do you consider when you are choosing a game to play?

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    hmmm first thing i consider is graphics i just don't like too old
    kind of characters and then if it looks good enough then i will
    try and play and see how long it can hold me

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    i think the first thing for me to consider is : is the time i am putting in to grind characters / learn new combat or skill sytem going to make a worthwhile return ?

    so if the game only has quests and no endgame, and the quests lasts 2 years, i will not play it.
    stuff like gfx, control setup etc etc are not the main issue for me.

    for example, since i like PvP as an endgame - if it has good pvp and a loyal playerbase, then in theory the game could last 10 years. this is because u dont need new content or gfx to have good pvp. u just need a good pvp/combat system. the rest is just stuff to get comfy with.
    if what you like is new content or quests, then the developer has to have a good track record of regular new content (maybe DDO?). if what you like is playing music, then the mmo has to have a good music playing system (Lotro or... Gekkeiju Online maaaybe). Whatever it is, i prefer a 10+ year game life on the time i put in to grind my chars.

    of course, if yur criteria is a series of things like: gfx, community, minimal grind etc - then the game will never last more than a year+ for you. that's because after 1 year, all your criteria will no longer be satisfied (and your time spent grinding will be wasted).
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    Be warned - I am a major player of Regnum Online the mmo. I've been playing it for about 2 years and rarely go without logging in at least once a day. You can also look at good alternatives to Regnum such ase Aion online and Aika Online.

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    Ah I think I'm too picky when it comes to picking the right mmorpg to play.

    - Decent Graphics (Anime style usually)
    - Decent combat (I'm a big fan of Ragnarok and Holic when it comes to combat)
    - Decent Community (Nice and Friendly community with the least amount of trolls as possible)
    - Minimal Grind (I don't mind grinding but I would rather a steady progression with questing rather than a mob grind)
    - Active community (Has to be an active community and If I see a few afker's in town and nothing happening on world chat etc I will usually quit straight away.
    - Ability to solo (I'm not anti social but I like the ability of being able to solo when I want to.

    There are more things I'm picky on but cant think of them right now.

    Probably explains why I haven't found a mmorpg I actually like for years now LOL.

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    As long as its fun to me I'll play it, of course playing with friends/a guild is an added bonus.

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    i consider combat/skill/stat systems as the most important thing in a mmo but as new mmos have simplified all of it so much its almost non-exsistent (i guess thats why i was exstatic about TSW as it has tons of different build possibilities) so its no wonder that anarchy online is one of my favourite mmos. ROSE was fun and i still think its a game worth playing, although i do wish they had released more of the planned planets but oh well. I was always fine with point and click and i think i still am (although when i tried scarlet blade i was horrified how bad it was)

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    I mainly look in combat. If i feel thrilled/satisfying, then its its good enough for me (cant ask for too much in mmos these days ;/).

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    It's not P2Win
    Has end-game and playerbase.

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    for me it is simpel I got like 4 factors when I pick a mmo

    Is it fun ?
    Does my only friend want to play it or is playing it?
    Does it have cool armors?
    Does it have open world PK? If so im not going tuch it ever like age of wushu.

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    I take into consideration two main things.

    1. Is it fun?
    2. Does it have a healthy community?

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