The Universe Project is a simulation of humanity through time that plays like a video game. If you haven't seen the concept video yet, you'll want to check that out first!

A Brief Summary

So now you have a vague idea what we're trying to make, but let me take a moment to summarize. We're creating a video game, similar to an RPG, that is capable of supporting millions of players, in the same game world, at the same time. The very first players who enter the game will notice the planet they appear on is completely devoid of human infrastructure; they appear on a planet that has developed only plant-life and animals. Now, the perspective of the game will be 1st/3rd person in that the player will control a single character in the game and will control only their character's actions in the world. There will be no NPCs in the world, every character is a real player.

The game will simulate human needs in that player's characters will need to eat and drink. Characters will need to find shelter and need to avoid being too cold or too hot. Characters will need to defend themselves and their belongings from animals and other players. Characters will be able to invent their own tools, skills, buildings, and even weapons, to assist them in meeting their needs.

How does this game relate to other games?

Many games have some similarities to the Universe Project, but that's because most games are based on real life, the one thing we can all relate to, and the Universe Project is truly a game based on real life. So it is like Sims, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Ultima Online, and nearly every RPG. But none of these games really help you understand the universe project better than life itself.

If you, in real life, were suddenly dropped on a bare Earth that no human has ever touched, what would you do? Your answer would likely be exactly what you would do in the Universe Project.

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