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Thread: Coming Back!

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    Default Coming Back!

    Hey everyone,

    My name is Jack, or "perigryn" or "peri" for short, as most people called me :P.
    I was an old member of OnRPG a long time ago on the old forum, back in 2005 or so. I've been away from this forum for a good 5 years or so now, but suddenly I felt that I really missed the community here and decided to come back .

    Few things about me:
    -I'm a student at the University of Waterloo currently studying Computer Science
    -I actually don't play many games anymore, school and working has taken up most of my time for now.
    -I love cars and tuning, (specifically JDM/EDM, sorry americans haha) and hope to own a GTI mk6 by the end of the summer.
    -Only game I really play now is League of Legends casually with friends and on my free time. Currently sitting at Gold 3 soloq, add me if you want to play! -MrBanananana (that's 4 na's)

    So yup, happy to be back to the community, hello to everyone I've never met, and holy-shit-what're-you-guys-still-doing-here to anyone that might still here from back in the day!

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    Hi! I am playing League of legends also and Granado espada

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    League of Legends addiction = too strong

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