Do you do it?
I do it all the time and I don't know why.
At first I was
going to try out Neverwinter with a group of ONRPGERs, then I've changed to playing Fiesta Online and even made a huge love thread here about it.. PFFFFFFT.
It's like.. "Oh my gosh, I'm so inlove with Fiesta" and now it's "Screw Fiesta, it's drama in the couple of academies I've been and was sucking the life out my pocket taking money"
Yes, I said I don't know why I hop a lot, but maybe there is one reason why.. I'm really impatiently waiting on FFXIV: A Realm Reborn and just really want to play it cause I'm an FF Fan and know it will be my dream MMO.
Another reason could be, my mind is telling me to just stay away when I get near drama showing up. (Definitely Fiesta Online, a drama game)

Now, as you see on my signature.. I'm playing 3 games now. Those 3 are holding my interest at the moment.. especially TERA. I see a future with TERA (Hopefully I don't hop this one). I can sorta see staying in this Flyff game for awhile because of the bustling community that they have here and all the welcomes I've got and even a new friend. And DCUO is there because playing a superhero is pretty cool. We'll see if I stick to these 3 games or not.

Am I the only one who's hopped around a bunch of MMORPGs within months?
I might have even played the same ones a couple of times sparking an interest before moving along in a couple days!

I just really cannot wait until FFXIV:ARR is out.

I'm also thinking about playing more MMO's that are coming out soon as well.