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Thread: FOTN: LR Releasing 2013 Winter

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    Default FOTN: LR Releasing 2013 Winter

    Hi ya, just came here to talk you about Founders of the North.

    It is a W3 RPG map based on Spicy & Wolf Manga/Anime.

    It has been realized [waiting for the info]. The game became so much popular between the W3's customized games players but now as the game has not been updated in almost two years, it has been losing its players base. This happened because its creator gived up keeping editing the map because the W3 Map Editor cant support the map anymore.

    A huge part of that game's community wants to keep playing but as the map got stucked in a version the players base were going down and down since there are no more updates and no more things to do. The problem is that no one haves the uncracked version of it so no one can still editing the map if it's not from zero.

    Well the point of this post is to spread a new release of this game, it isn't a map anymore! Someone from the game's forum is developing a new game from zero and announced it ( it says the game is releasing 2013 Winter.

    I invite you to look some videos from a gameplay or if you have W3, go try the map, it is so cool.

    P.D:Sorry for my english.

    P.D: If some can/want to help the game's developer, reply here :
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    Sounds very cool; I always enjoyed Spice & Wolf. I'm interested to see where this goes.

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