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    Default Between the Worlds

    Heaven. Demon. Nature. Spirit. Human. These are the new worlds. We have found a way to travel between them. Now all worlds are one.

    Most settled in the other places after a while. As it turns out, our world, the human world, in the middle of the five, and we are defiantly as arrogant as ever about it. Now Earth is a place for everyone, from angle to ghost and demon to fairy, and humans.

    **and yes, relationships between all races are technically legal, but some babies do not turn out right. **

    Some moved, others stayed in their world. This leaded to some problems. For a while people of different worlds clashed. There were riots, murders, and each world had more problems.

    It settled after joint companies were formed. They provided jobs for everyone. Every scientist in each world now works together, exploring, inventing, discovering. Technology was advanced, with now having AI. All worlds are thriving. All worlds are living.

    Some people say that there is going to be a War of the Worlds. The elders of each world dealt with it by forming a group, a police force if you will, to help handle things, so that never was a problem. This force handles crime in each world. It is made of 1 to 3 people from each world, depending on where you’re stationed. There are about 5 or more stationed in each world at a time. We don’t take on little petty stuff; each world has their police force for that. The assignments we face, sometimes are as simple as escorting an elder of a world, to hostage situations, or attempts to destroy a portal.

    Each team ranges from 5 to 15 members. They live together and work together, 24/7.

    This is WF Earth Team: LA Department #14. HQ is where you live. It’s a renovated apartment building. The building, along with the elevator is opened with bracelets after an offer and acceptance of the job, each is a different color due to world. Ground floor has security detail, interrogation rooms, weapons room vault, and holding. The floor up is the main floor of business; it’s basically a huge open space, like conference room. 2nd floor also has the tech’s room of operation, full of computers and screens. 3rd floor is kitchen / living room and the bedrooms, each with their own small bathroom. Basement has a full private gym, complete with pool, and showers.


    Becoming a World Force Officer

    To become a WF officer, you are either offered a job after being in justice and law, or you train and apply for it. Either way you still have to have an interview. After the interview, if you are accepted, you are called they tell you where you are stationed and given a week to pack. After that week you go back to the WF building and they take you to the portal to the world you are stationed. They give you the bracelet with your worlds color and the department number on it, and send you through. There is a car waiting, they look at your bracelet and take you to your WF team building.


    Human: Blue Bracelet

    Fairy: Pink Bracelet
    Creatures of nature that are often mischievous, though they can not out right lie. They can cast illusions by bending the light, or can even manipulate certain elements. They generally look human with non human editions. Wings, tails, ears, animal eyes/fur, or colored hair.

    Demon: Black Bracelet
    They typically have red eyes. Very physically attractive most have a mean temper, and are strong.

    Angel: White Bracelet
    Unrealistically blue eyes, they have a certain beauty to them. They have a type of ability to fly, though most really don’t have wings.

    Spirit: Purple Bracelet
    They are typically invisible or transparent with an aura. Most don’t have any special abilities, but they are really scary quiet. They are made to wear a bracelet or necklace that makes them visible and solid, in public, though they still flow and look like they’re floating.


    1. NO godmoding: this is realistic and fantasy, but no race should over power to this point. Don’t do it.
    2. No power playing: explained.
    3. Respect other characters

    Character Sheet

    Nickname/ Goes by:
    Age: human years. 28-40
    Race: please do not duplicate until all spots are filled.
    Why did you apply / agree?: **** If you want to be tech PM me, if not I will assign it, we will need a tech.
    Appearance: with race editions if not in picture.
    Picture: real please


    I will assign “partners” per say like a normal police department. I will also post the assignments. The first few posts will be moving in and such, kind of chill. But an assignment / mission will be posted soon after.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Name: Daniel Nash
    Goes by: Nash
    Age: 30
    Race: Human

    Why did you apply / agree?: He was offered the job after an under cover mission with the World Covert Office (like the CIA). It stopped the bombing of a major portal research facility. He agreed because work was the only thing left.

    History: Nash worked at the WCO. He was high up in the ranks. He was in the missions field, where he went undercover, and he worked well. It was the only think he new he was great at.

    He has a wife named Penny and a son named Jack who is 4 years old. His weakness was always alcohol, it got pretty drastic when Penny almost left him, then Jack was born, and Nash hadn’t been the same since. He has changed into a great father and husband, and he wouldn’t even touch a bottle. Then he relapsed. It was horrible. He was drunk and nearly killed a man. Penny left him after that. Nash was devastated.

    He hates his first name, Daniel. This was the name of his retched grandfather. His parents were law-enforcement and were always out at work, so his grand father Daniel “took care” of Nash. Nash hated his guts, all the man did was gamble, drink, beat him and his wife, and cheat. He was a horrible man, and Nash followed in that path.

    He has changed now, he’s better. He doesn’t drink. But he will never let anyone get close to him.

    Personality: Nash is, well, complicated. He’s a little distant because of his past. He always has an other worldly look in his eye, whether it’s a look of loneliness or persistence. He is very devoted to his work. He will do almost anything to get the job done. When he’s comfortable he tends to be cocky and confidant, though those who know him, know it’s fake. Nash is a good leader type. He is easy to get along with, and really does have a good heart, though he is quite stubborn and persists when he thinks it’s completely necessary.

    Appearance: He is 6 foot tall with a more slender frame. He normally keeps a 5 O’clock shadow type of facial appearance. He is muscular without being bulky. He is more likely to wear a suit or pants and shirt rather than jeans, he likes to look nice. He has dark brown hair that curls and light brown eyes.

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