( okay so everyone here’s first post. Yes you may opt for an already made perfectly room so you can say what is in each of them. Any other questions you can pm me or post on here I will be on for a while. this is going to be kind of like criminal minds meets Graceland meets NCIS. there may be times when there will be one reply after another. if you want to after "Partners" are agreed upon you could come up with something together or not, no big deal its just a warning.

My next post will be that of a meeting, obviously. so please be ready and everything and most of all HAVE FUN, i dont want this to be a drag for anyone )

Nash hoped in his charger and peeled out of the World Force Building in down town LA. He had just had a meeting with the director of World Force: LA about his new team. Nash had gotten the job offer at least 2 months ago, and he had been accepted. He had to wait for all the loose ends to be dealt with. Now the building has been renovated and is ready and waiting.

. . . “Your team is a large one, Son. Handle it well.” The director had said. “It has a great affect on what you do, you are in LA of all places, we might even be sending you more agents. Be ready.” Oh great . . . Nash had thought . . .

Nash pulled up to his new home, and work place. He parked on the side of the road and got out ready to check out the building and get it ready for the other agents to arrive. When he got in the door, the Internal Affairs Agents of WF were already inside setting everything up. He grabbed one of the young ones by the arm “What’s this place got son?” he asked. “Well, let me show you around.” The boy could tell by the blue bracelet on Nash’s arm, and that he was first here, that he was the head of the team. “Good on ya boy.” Nash said in reply and let the boy show him the floor map.

HQ was 4 stories high and a basement underneath. Main floor was like a normal office, with exceptions. It had blacked out, bullet proof, and spirit proof windows. It housed the interrogation rooms, holding, weapons vault, and a waiting area with shallow wrap around stairs, along with the bracelet only activated elevator. On the second floor was the main conference room, a big open space with about 10 seats on couches and chairs. It also had the tech office, filled with equipment and the head of the team’s office. Third floor is where the house part starts. It is filled by the fully stocked kitchen, living room, and another living space. The forth floor has 10 large bedrooms each with their own bathroom, and an open hallway plan. The basement is last and it is a complete gym with a pool.

Nash was impressed with the building. “Thank you” he said and the boy went back to work. HQ was fully open and the lock on the door and elevator were on for the bracelets. He went out to his car and drove it around the back to the fully enclosed parking lot. He grabbed his bags and went through back door and got in the elevator heading to first floor. He threw his bags in the middle room, which was also a straight shot for the elevator and not far from the hiding stairs that went to every floor. As head of the team he should be first in danger and out of the door. Turns out it was the right room, it was a gray painted with a queen bed and all the bedding. It looked kind of like a hotel, but then he remembered he opted for an already made room. He got back in the elevator and stopped to make coffee in the kitchen. Then he went down to the conference floor and into his office. He posted in the elevator for all agents to meet there after moving into their room. He waited for them to arrive in his office messing with his computer and his office so it was set up right.