I was just thinking, would it be cool if we had a subforum in the F2P and P2P sections for people who want to start a gaming group.

There are many times I have wanted to join someone in a game because I felt like i was missing out on so much of the game's party aspect or friends systems.

It would be cool to be able to post topics like "Neverwinter - Group looking for party members" Or "Looking for people to play with in Grand Fantasia"

Now you may be thinking, "Why not just post this in general?"

If these were posted in general then they would soon be flushed out.

I guess my idea is kind of like the guild subforum idea from other sites, but this is not about guilds (could be) but its more about looking for people to just party with while still being in different guilds. Plus it will help with keeping the topic active because it won't get flushed out by all the game updates in General.

Just an idea that I thought I would share. :3

Please comment to help me improve this idea and make it suitable for a perfect subforum (as i know there is flaws in my idea that I may not notice.)