So I need something fairly simple done, it'd be really awesome if you guys could help me. I have an image of an insert for a disc which I am going to print out and put into a jewel case. Here is the image:

If it doesn't show full res because I know sometimes OnRPG scales stuff down, heres a direct link -

Now, what I need is for someone to extend it out just a bit at the right side (next to the image and barcode) and I need it to look somewhat like the end of a Playstation 1 disc. It doesn't need to be perfect by any means, just something so that when I look at it on my shelf it blends in and I can identify the game without pulling it out. Here is an example of what I need -

Just a simple black strip with the game name (Tomba!) in the middle of it. I don't need the fancy greatest hits stuff, I don't need the NTSC stuff, I don't need any of that. I really don't care what the font is. Just a black bar about the width of a CD spine (a little bigger is OK, I'll trim it when printed) that says "Tomba!" in white text added on to the side of the image.

Much love and reps to whoever helps me. Thanks so much.