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Thread: Gateway To Fear.

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    Default Gateway To Fear.

    've been planning this for a very, very, very long time. Its based partly off of a short story I wrote out of sheer boredom. There will be parts to this to keep things moving at a steady pace. There is a plot but it is defined by the directions the rp'ers choose to take it.)

    Nightmares can say many things about the person who has them. They can identify guilt, sadness, or deep seated anger festering just underneath the surface. They can be welcomed as long forgotten memories that the mind has twisted and warped, or they can be feared for the truth they tell. Every individual experiences different things in their nightmares, but one thing we know for sure is that they most certainly are not real.

    Or so we want to believe.......

    A collection of people have gone into a sudden comatose state from places all over the world, and nothing anybody does can get them to awaken. There's nothing medically wrote with these people, nor physically. Some may be older than others but scientifically there's nothing wrong at all. However inside the raging turmoil of their minds is a linked chain of nightmares. A gate, or void if you will has opened inside each of these peoples mind; a connection between reality and illusion. The Nightmare realm, where creatures suited only to the nature of a humans worst fears has created these gateways to infiltrate reality.

    The only ones that can stop them are the comatose dreamers, their minds being the gateway between the worlds. Each has their own fears and weaknesses - those that cannot face them will find themselves trapped in the Nightmare realm, bodies possessed by one of the creatures that lurk in the dark. Stopping them is only a matter of surviving to the end of the "game" that the shadows will play with the humans. If all of them fail however.

    Total hell will break loose in the reality world............

    Are you up for the challenge?


    The Nightmare Realm Creatures.

    Shadows: They are as they sound, horribly twisted creatures that dominate darkness and lurk in dark places. They do not have physical bodies but appear to take on the shape of the closest human when there are any around. They are unable to manifest on a non solid back drop, but can sometimes be seen in mirrors as a mocking image to the humans that look. They are the ones that created the gateway, as they are mentally smarter than any other nightmare creature. They can speak, but only in whispers and nothing more. They do not have any powers beyond morphing to fit a human shape, so they are relatively harmless to ones physical being. Mentally though they can drive the most sane man to insanity.

    Demons: They can appear as friendly or harmful as they wish. Demons are extremely dangerous being that are capable of mind control when at their highest level of power. They are cunning and impish creatures that feed off the life force of humans. They are also the most physically powerful creature of the nightmare realm and therefore the most rare to see. They are often arrogant and do not waste their time helping others out. They are solitary creature that find comfort in brig alone. The easiest way to tell a demon from a human is their eyes. They are more feline and often have a red or gold hue to them.

    Memorium: These are also called figment creatures and are very common in the nightmare realm. They are what shape the realm and fill it with twisted memories. They do not have physical bodies but can be seen as rays of light in an otherwise pitch black room. They delve through your brain to find any memory possible and bring it to the nightmare realm where it becomes a permanent fixture. They usually twist the memories into something dark, cold, and unfamiliar to the person whose memory it is.

    Enchants: Akin to Succubus they can take human form but cannot hide their true nature. However their appealing appearance and...attributes make most people forget immediately. Once an Enchant has you in its sight the only way to get rid of it is to sever its head, thus disintegrating it completely. Enchants do have control over Gromlings and some Shadows, using them often to do their dirty work. They are also considered low level demons.

    Fearing: A manifestation of an individuals or a groups fears. The more fear someone has the easier it is for the Shadows to open a gateway and for the Fearing to attack a person. They are able to do a lot of damage so its best to face them directly.

    Gromlings: Humans who did not survive the previous "game" but did not "die" fully. They look almost like gremlins, which is where their name probably comes from. They are kept as pets to Enchanters and do their dirty work all the time. They do nit have any power but follow orders well and have enough physical and mental capacity to hurt or even kill a human.

    Creeping Death: Most commonly identified by the horrid smell of smoke. Creeping death are the most human looking, with the slight problem that they can be identified by the masks they wear as to not inhale the smoke that comes from their skin. Inhaling their smoke can do three things. One) Attract Memoriums/Fearings to a human. Two) Cause physical problems; Sudden blindness, loss of hearing, becoming mute. Three) Slow, but painful poisonous death.

    Guides: Neutral beings of any of the above races. They will not help you per se but will nudge you or give you hints if need be.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

    Setting: The nightmare realm in this case looks like any ordinary city with a day and night cycle. Only it is eerily abandoned and there are often Memorium that shape what a person sees. To get to a new place there are doors that seem to float in mid air. There is no telling where the doors will lead, and returning to the previous place is impossible. The city is like any other, chain stores and food places. Large buildings where people would work, and homes where thy would live. Only if you enter any of these places the inside will probably be full of shadows, Memorium, and Fearing. Everyone may begin in a different location or in one close to another. As the city more or less morphs to an individuals thoughts its okay to make up buildings and such.


    Character Sheets.

    (Some of this will have to be sent in PM.)

    To post here:

    Age: (limit is between twenty-fifty)
    Appearance: (picture real/cartoon, or description. This section doesn't need much detail.)
    Preferred weapon: (the rules of the game state you may have one desired weapon to fend off the more human creature. *guns not recommended*)
    Preferred Guide: (example; Demon (named) who has these personality traits (blah, blah, blah)
    Nutshell personality: (you may just use traits or you may describe)

    To send to me

    Three good memories: (Times in your characters life that have been the best)
    Three bad memories: (Times in your characters life that have been the worst.)
    Fears/weaknesses: (as many as you want but no less than three though)

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________________________
    Character List;
    Nova Rae Newton - Bloodyjane22345
    Cecil Viktor Rumswinkle - Niklas_Robert
    David Cromwell - Cybalt
    Christy-Anne Jen Kozlov - Sevenashes
    Lars Kristofferson- Zoilist


    Please do not fight OOC its a proven fun sucker.
    Be as realistic as the situation. No one is superman so they shouldn't all be magically healed if something bad happens, everyone has their kryptonite.
    Be considerate of other players.
    Do not meta game (not that its easy in this case)
    Quality over Quantity, posts should be meaningful and helpful to the plot and character interaction , if that means a single paragraph (as long as there are no one liners) then so be it. In addition if you really want to try to crank out more than what's necessary please keep the filler to a minimum.
    Hijacking another persons character is highly frowned upon, just don't do it.
    Do not center the role play around your character, this is a group effort!
    And most of all have fun with this. Dot force yourself to do anything you don't want to do,and if you suddenly don't want to play anymore just tell me. I don't bite.

    __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

    Parts: we are on part one.

    The Awakening: Trapped in a comatose state all players awaken in a nightmarish city where they must find a way out. (Will be Updated)
    Part two: TBA
    Part three: TBA

    (We may or may not finish but as long as we have fun that's fine with me
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    Name: Nova Rae Newton
    Age: 25
    Appearance: (excuse me while I bash my head into a wall until I get the desired picture to actually post.)
    Preferred Weapon: Double bladed hand and a half sword. (because who wouldn't?)
    Preferred Guide: Creeping Death that has one seriously messed up sense of humor and a sarcastic attitude.
    Nutshell Personality: At times more odd that people can handle. Her bubbly nature is only matched equally by her often aggressive attitude and lack of care for personal space. She likes making people feel uncomfortable and metaphorically gets her jollies by freaking them out to a point of uncomfortable awkwardness. She covers up her childishly fearful nature by pretending to be a fearful warrior.

    Where eyes should have been to empty sockets were, the most dark feature of the girl in front of her. It seemed as if she was talking, but when she looked closer she saw the thick black thread that stitched the girls mouth together. ~BLU By LDM

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    Name: Cecil Viktor Rumswinkel
    Age: 28
    Preferred weapon: A red pen that clicks open into a full length sword, with a red hilt.
    Preferred Guide: An Enchant curiously named Maya, who is quite smart but very spacey.
    Nutshell personality: Calm and collected. He always has a plan and almost always delivers. Charming and naturally draws people to him. At times can be rough, but usually tries to be soft.

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    Name: David Cromwell
    Age: 43
    Preferred Weapon: Morning Star

    Preferred Guide: A shadow named Ezekiel, who has a love of reminding David of his past failures.
    Nutshell personality: Reserved, but wise. This man has been around the block a few times in his life. He looks out for others, even if they don't like it.
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    Name: Christy-Anne Jen Kozlov (Chris or CJ)
    Age: 21
    Preferred weapon: Daggers.
    Preferred Guide: A Memorium called Kiya that loves to make itself look like Chris's twin sister Becky. She's quite dull, but will show attitude when prompted.
    Nutshell personality: Using the motto "live life fast and you'll live forever" she is always the first to get smashed at a party, or to start a fight with other people. Her attitude shows a lot about her self, and her short temper is an immediate turn of. She likes fighting, and has toned her body for rough treatment. She can give good advice though, and stands up for the weak.

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    Name: Isaac Williams
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Long, greasy, dark brown hair, partially sunken cheeks, about 5 ft. & 10 in. tall. Wears jeans, black boots, and a t-shirt with a green army jacket to cover it.
    Preferred weapon: Medium sized sledgehammer (Aw yeah)
    Preferred Guide: Creeping Death: (Unknown name) Mostly silent, mischievous, sneaky
    Nutshell personality: Insecure, quiet, but thinks a lot and has a lot more to offer but is too shy to share.

    Three good memories: Kissing a girl, Passing all of his classes, wandering the woods
    Three bad memories: Random depression, Having his father leave, etc.
    Fears/weaknesses: Being the center of attention, being judged, making mistakes, having to go out of his way

    (Looking forward to this RP, hope you like the sheet )

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    hopefully not dead yet lol
    Name: Lars Kristofferson
    Age: 26
    Preferred weapon: Katar
    Preferred Guide: a demon named Kaernis who is angry all the time, she likes lars more than everyone else, but doesn't really like him either.
    Nutshell personality: Very relaxed and cool headed

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    OK guys heres the deal, I was gone for a reason that wasn't my choice. But I'm back and hopeful t start this up again. If you are still interested shoot me a PM.

    Also, @mortuit the weaknesses, fears, ect were supposed to be sent to me.
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