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Thread: Good, decently sized player base PvE MMO?

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    Talking Good, decently sized player base PvE MMO?

    Hello! My first time posting on here so hi everyone

    I'v been searching for a good PvE oriented MMO, but cant quite put my finger down on the right one I want. Could anyone recommend some good PvE MMO with a decently sized player base? (I know population doesnt mean if a game is good or not, but I much prefer a decently sized population)

    I really enjoy endgame content more than anything, such as dungeons/raiding. crafting etc...

    I'm not really interested in PvP aspects, I just enjoy a big population of people to buy/sell crafted gear, group up for raids/dungeons and other PvE elements.

    If anyone could recommend anything, It would be much appreciated!

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    Try Rift, it went F2P recently and from what I hear has some great PVE stuff.

    Also, this is the wrong section for game requests. In the future please put your game-related requests in this sub-forum
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    Guild Wars 2 has a massive amount of PvE content, as well as PvP content.

    I spend more of my time in PvE at the end game and there's no shortage of things to do.

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    Guild Wars 2 PVE is pretty dead though. 99.9% of the population only does PVP.

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