I'm looking for suggestions on an MMO that I could play on and off in my spare time.

Throughout the years I have tried several MMO's that I found interesting and I felt they were all very similar in game play and/or feeling, therefore what I am looking for would have to be different, a game that doesn't follow or is based off a standard MMO structure (I.E repetitive game play) There are a few guidelines that I want to avoid however

1. A item shop structure is fine, but a game that takes away on too much game play due to not buying certain items from the cash shop takes away on the whole experience. A one time payment however is accepted, paying multiple times just to have fun isn't.

2. Community is a factor that is hard to control for many different MMO's as there will always be good and bad players in a community (personality-wise). However a game who's structure is made to attract the negative people instead of the positive is a recipe for disaster, this includes games that have a very heavy competitive or pay to win aspect. Pvp is fine to an extent but a game that is focused around the pvp aspect is not very fun to play in my eyes

Aside from games in that criteria I feel as though I can adapt to most other games as long as they are enjoyable enough to play. Game genres that I have a particular fondness of are classic dungeon crawlers(excluding action dungeon crawlers) and action games that require a level of strategy.

I hope that you can suggest a great game that I could try sometime in the future.

Many thanks in advance