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Thread: Looking for an enjoyable MMO

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    hm im going to recommend the game i like simple because i find its been relaxing, simple and fun to play and the community is very laid back.

    Champions of Regnum is an RvR open PvP oriented game along the lines of DAOC. But the community isn't like LoL because you really do get to know your realm mates. Players specifically avoid annoying their realm mates because in the RvR war u kinda depend on them to save you. RvR is fairly starategic, so there's that.

    I guess the reason why regnum cud fit your criteria is because it has a lot of veterans who also look for what you seem to be looking for: a casual fun game that provides years of entertainment. So basically, while there is a grinding aspect (grind is less than say WoW or Rift), you can participate in war or chat while grinding, and at max level everyone just wars and wars. Regnum isn't for everyone - it is old style click combat and it doesnt have tab targetting. Regnum is also somewhat repetitive in grind, but not repetitive in war.

    Hm.. a non-repetitive gameplay mmo. Maybe I can suggest Dark Souls, Darkfall 2 or Secret World? All 3 of these are really unique. Dark Souls because it is super scary and quite deep. Darkfall 2 permmadeath scaryness. Secret World because it is maybe the most unique world for allthe mmos right now. Anyway let us know what you think so we cud refine your choices.

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    1. Dungeons and Dragons Online - it's an instanced based MMORPG, however the instances are really unique, they have a narrator and puzzles and various secrets to them. To play it however, you need a group (at least 1 rogue and 1 cleric is recommended).

    2. The Secret World - very very unique game, quests are really well done and different from your usual quests, the atmosphere is really good and the whole setting is unique.

    3. Phantasy Star Online 2 - mainly mentioning this because you mentioned roguelike and this MMORPG has a randomness aspect.

    4. Path of Exile - Never played it myself but as a Diablo-like game, I assume it's also pretty random.

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    Very good description, you have clear ideas.
    Try eRepublik, maybe. It's more cooperative than individualistic, little PVP, FTP and with a good community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F. Scott View Post
    See if you like this, it requires a lot of strategy and has great community elements
    if you are going to post a recommendation then please don't post a referrer link.
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