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Thread: Coming Back To MMO's

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    Default Coming Back To MMO's

    So as the title states I am returning to the MMO community. Ive been playing alot of single player games like Skyrim and such. Anyway, I remembered my favorite MMO site, MMOHut and i was looking around for something that may interest me and nothing really seemed too appealing. So I decided to ask you all what you may recommend for a returning MMO player.

    I suppose you want an idea of what I am into:
    Lots of quests, little to no grind
    A real story driven questline
    Decent character customization
    Plenty of class variety to choose from
    Nice looking skill animation/character movement animations
    (if possible) friendly community/ medium to large playerbase
    Anime style is welcome
    A game where each each class has a role to play, not make a build and a freaking mage can tank

    Thats pretty much all that came to mind. Also I am looking for a person or group of persons to play an MMO with. The reason I left before is because I got bored playing alone so that would be awesome if anyone would like to.
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    Its hard for me to exactly pinpoint a mmorpg from what you described, I feel Gates of Andaron is a pretty good game when it comes to roles, but for story driven gameplay I would say Runes of Magic, but RoM also has good roles too.

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