Amitabha is a guild that originated in the game Age of Wushu. However, we are starting to stretch out and dip our hands into other online games and are ever expanding. We are a great group of gals and guys who are laid back. While we are not the most hardcore of players, we are no push overs (evidence being the domination we've had on the White Tiger server of Wushu for the past 2 or so months). We do a bit of everything but we love some good PVP, and that's usually what we end up focusing on.

Average age of our guild is 25+, but we welcome anyone that has a mature attitude. Our core players are online to the point that you will think (and rightly so) that they have no life, but we have a lot of members who play much more casually. So, if you can be mature, have a good attitude and enjoy playing games, you will fit in just fine. We have a website with forums that is powered by enjin. We also have a 100 slot TS3 server (check our website for details) that you are welcome to join us on.

You can view some of our guild videos at my youtube channel.

Games are are currently playing:
  • Age of Wushu
  • Age of Wulin
  • Shores of Hazeron
  • Wurm Online
  • League of Legends

Games we are interested in playing:
  • Mortal Online
  • ArcheAge

Contact Info:
Or PM me here on the OnRPG forums