Faldon RPG has been one of my favorite games for almost a decade now. It is an open world game with no limitation.
it will remind you of runescape very much, but the PvP and entire battle / gameplay style is much much faster paced, with more variety. a very old and classic game.

The game is pretty rad you get a maximum 200.00 skill points. there is no maximum to your overall number of skill points.
skill points are gained by doing various actions in the game. such as using healing magic will increase
the corresponding healing skill, as wielding a sword in combat will increase your sword skills.
animal taming, lore, fishing, elemental magics, necromancy, sorcery, alchemy, and many other skills.
no maximum level.

theres alot to do in faldon, come check it out. our game is dying and i am very sad.
our community is of maybe 30 players. currently only 11 online.
with 50+ players the server is alot more fun. lots of gvg and pvp and more stuff to do.

come play, and message me in game ill show you the ropes.

- Heredom
www.FaldonRPG.com =]