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Thread: Passionate music and gaming

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    Red face Passionate music and gaming

    Why, hello there.

    Some of you may remember me (2004 onRPG days). If so, I haven't forgotten about you. If we've never met, it's my pleasure to meet you.

    Today, I purchased a gameplay capture card... which means I'll be uploading, you guessed correctly, gameplay videos! Other than gaming, I find producing musical content extremely fulfilling (as well as vlogging, writing, etc.). I'm pretty much passionate about entertainment and wellness in general.

    Here's my website:
    You'll see my social networking links there if you're interested in staying in touch.

    Oh, and if you're on Xbox Live, add me!

    See you soon!
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    Come play with me.
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    I haven't hear you yet but this is really good music. I see that you doing this by yourself, big respect for you

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