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Thread: I need a moderator or administrators help

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    Default I need a moderator or administrators help


    I've been a member of this forum since 2007. Recently I've been able to log into my account, but unable to post, reply, or message anyone. I've sent several emails to the site administrators weeks to months ago, and have not so much as gotten an automated response. I am hoping someone here can address this issue, as its been going on for months and no one has done a thing to help me. I can't exactly message anyone on the forum so I had to make this account to post on the forum and (hopefully) get my account working again.

    My account user name was Proph. I would be happy to give you any more information you might need via a PM or other private means of messaging (Im not gonna put my password and email in a post lol)

    I really enjoyed this forum and it was disappointing and the complete and utter lack of help I got from the admins. I don't know if they just automatically delete emails asking for help or what, but this is my situation.

    PS: I was never banned for anything or anything like that. In fact, I had responded to a thread giving my input on a game, logged out, came back a month or two later and was unable to respond to any threads, or do any of the other things I mentioned.

    I didn't know where else to post this , since obviously emails are a waste of time, so I'll post this here. And then somewhere else if I get no answer. I really don't WANT to leave to the site, but I'm not going to start all over because of someone else's (or perhaps internal) errors. Doesn't seem fair to me, as no one else seems to have the issue that I know of.

    Someone please help! Also, if you could change Proph to Adam Dawn but keep my sign up date that'd be great, but to be honest, at this point, I'd be surprised if I so much as got a reply.

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    The database flags your account as an user that needs e-mail verification. I suggest you try to reconfirm your account.

    For all the rest (including failure to reconfirm) is an admin needed.

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    Don't think I've ever come across that issue about not posting. Also curious how you were emailing an admin (chances are it was going to someone who doesn't work on the site anymore. I.E. All admins besides me).

    *Cracks knuckles*, let's take a look!

    Easy fix. All set.
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    Thanks. I was sending messages via the main page contact link or w/e. Turns out I was in a restricted user group or something according to the email.

    Thanks again!
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