Hi everyone!

My username goes by, “PuppetGuardianCS” which essentially stands for Puppet Guardian CloudStrife and the reason is simple: my passion for this game knows no bounds. I'm aware of this, and yet, I love it.

To begin, I have enjoyed most games I have ever played since I was young, one of the first being Final Fantasy 7. When the Internet and I became best friends, it eventually introduced me to the world of MMOs/MMORPGs.

To have a better understanding of how open-minded I am and the wide variety of games I enjoyed and some of which I do still enjoy playing, here is a short list of all the games that defined my childhood and my teenage years:
- Neopets
- Runescape
- Dransik/Ashen Empires
- Priston Tale
- Mabinogi
- Dragon Nest
- Audition Online
- Fly For Fun
- Shot Online
- Dofus
- Stick Online
- Rumble Fighter
- Gunbound
- Gunz: The Duel
- Counter Strike
- Puppet Guardian
And that’s not even a quarter of it. Not to mention, the countless hours I have spent on console and handheld games is overwhelming!

Personally, I am known to be a really kind, thoughtful, and honest individual. Perhaps, in keeping the latter term true, I have joined the OnRPG forums for two reasons:

1) I owe a lot to OnRPG. I have acquired a lot of knowledge about the gaming industry and through recommendations on video games made by others; it has largely defined the individual I am today. And I’m forever grateful for that. And for that, I would like to start contributing to the community here. Expressing my opinions. Becoming a great help/resource. Getting to know others. These are some of my goals here. Last but not least, I have nothing but gratitude to show.

2) I am currently playing a game called Puppet Guardian. In a few short years, this game has also largely defined the person that I am today. In one of my next posts, I will be promoting this game on the Free MMO/MMORPG forums. The OnRPG community is huge and while it has been promoted here in the past, I would like to demonstrate to the community just exactly how impressive this game is – particularly aimed at those who enjoy social and browser-based games.

I look forward to getting to know others on these forums! Do feel free to private message me. Many thanks and see you all around the forums!

Best regards,