I'm a bit tired of games showing off there classes and going "Fighter!, Mage!, Cleric!, Thief!"

Why don't some game designers get a bit more original and start coming up with there own classes? There's many different types of weapons that aren't even touched in MMO's (including the names of classes) yet every game that has came out in the past 10 years usually boasts original gameplay and "Next-Gen".

Do you guys think that these unoriginal classes are the reason we are being burned out on our MMO's? I think if a developer could come out with some decent gameplay/storyline and actually create some diverse classes then I would be more looking forward to trying it out. I'm not saying that this would make a good game but I would at least give them brownie points for trying.

In every game we see the same weapon types and class names. It's about time for a change, eh? What kind of weapons and class changes would you guys like to see in the upcoming MMO's?