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Thread: The Return of Survival Project: Search for the Legendary Orb

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    Lightbulb The Return of Survival Project: Search for the Legendary Orb

    So for anyone who remembers (those from MSP/ISP) or wants to know, someone finally set-up a Survival Project server when all the official servers closed down after all these years. Keep in mind, it's still in beta (yes, rates are much higher than they should be too), not fully translated from Korean, and the Admins/Devs are even trying to get the game itself to run in your browser (if there are any game devs who want to help, please contact the Admin) but it needs more people playing first so they can figure out what bugs there are among other things.

    The new server itself:

    Just register there, your forum account = game account. Read the sticky to download the game.

    Some information for people who don't know, although it's not much.

    Come relive some nostalgia for those who remember. Anyone new, just play for fun. It's an interesting game and concept despite how old it is and since there's no cash shop (well there is but you get all the cash you need), there's no worry of any Pay2Win.

    Come play! Tell everyone you can! SP is back!

    Here's some information
    Survival Project is a real-time fighting game where characters can be equipped with cards. These cards can be level upped or modified with each of four elements. You can play as 12-13 unique characters just like in a fighting video game, each with their own special attacks/defense/attributes.

    Short guide for newcomers:

    Menu guide:
    F1= help
    F2=item finder (not that important)
    F3=add friend (in lobby)
    F4=find friend (in lobby)
    F5=screen shot
    F6=invite(in game room)
    F7= emoticons
    F8=inventory (item menu)
    F9= trade
    F10= level up/skill up (in community room)
    F12= ready up (while entering a room)

    You can click on a player to see their profile

    __________________________________________________ _________________
    To play you basically use the keyboard, up, right, left, down, are used to mobilize. The space bar is used to block attacks. 'A' is used to run, 'S' is used to use a short ranged attack. 'D' is used for long ranged attacks. "QWE" is used during quests, you can buy scrolls such as bubbles, which protects you. There are 3 different channels, those of which are, Beginner, Hero, and Epic. You get to join new channels as you level up. You get codes in this game, those are the money in the game. Everybody basically chooses an element type. there are 4 elements: fire, wind, water, and earth.

    It's fairly straightforward, if you lose all your HP you die, attacks use MP, but a unique thing is that running uses up your BP gauge. Make sure to watch all three and they all regenerate at a set rate while standing still (this rate can be increased using pendants).

    Card types
    Weapons: Weapons enhance the attacking ability of your character. There are Axes(+melee power), Swords(+melee speed), Bows(+range speed), Staves/Staff(+range power)
    Pendants(in general): Increases the regenerate rate of HP/MP/BP
    Shields: Decreases damage while blocking
    Boots: Increases running speed
    Armor: Unlike shields, armor is ALWAYS active and does not require blocking to activate, however it is much weaker than shields.
    Magic: Magic cards are very powerful equipment cards that use up a chuck of your MP to perform a strong attack. They require a charge up time so be careful when to use them.

    Cards stats found here
    Fire weapons: the strongest, but slowest.
    Wind weapons: the fastest, but cause more mp loss and are the weakest weapons.
    Water weapons: the second fastest, they conserve mp but gain less damage.
    Earth weapons: the 2nd strongest, 2nd slowest, but they have the BEST knockback in the game.

    Fire boots: Best acceleration, slowest
    Wind boots: Best speed, bad acceleration and cause great bp loss
    Water boots: 2nd fastest, conserves bp, doesn't have great acceleration
    Earth boots: 3rd fastest, 2nd best acceleration

    Fire shield:
    Wind shield: 2nd highest bounce (knockback) reduction of enemy attacks
    Water shield: Highest damage reduction of enemy attacks while blocking, so much that at higher card levels enemy attacks can actually HEAL you.
    Earth shield: Highest Bounce (knockback) reduction of enemy attacks while blocking

    Fire pendant: Highest MP regen increase
    Wind pendant: Highest BP regen increase
    Water pendant: Highest HP regen increase
    Earth pendant: Fairly balanced regen increase

    Fire armor: 2nd highest damage reduction, INCREASES KNOCKBACK
    Wind armor: Highest damage reduction
    Water armor: 2nd highest knockback reduction, lowest damage reduction
    Earth armor: 3rd in damage reduction but highest in knockback reduction

    Fire magic: The most powerful and slowest magic in the game, one target, shoots a ball of pure magical elemental energy at enemy
    Wind magic: The fastest magic in the game, one target, shoots a ball of pure magical elemental energy at enemy
    Water magic: The most energy saving magic AOE(hits enemies around you), with the exception of level 1 cards which are always one target
    Earth Magic: The strongest AOE (hits enemies around you) magic in the game, with the exception of level 1 cards which are always one target

    You can only equip 3 items in battle, which are in this order: magic/weapon(Axe, Sword, Staff, or Bow)/accessory (Boots, Shield, Pendant, or Armor)

    Magic category: magic
    Weapon category: sword, axe, staff, bow
    Accessory category: boots, pendant, shield, armor

    The max level for your items are lvl 9. As you level your weapons, the percentage of level up decreases. You must use elements in order to upgrade your weapons. The weapons themselves also have unique skills you can add using elements. Choose an element that suits your play style or collect em all!
    In this game you can do quests with other people, play enjoy games, big matches, battles, and missions.

    Quest: you basically choose a quest that you may/may not do and complete it (you can do them over and over again), there are 3 different kinds of quests: Fire, Woods, Dungeon. Play with other players to complete them for great rewards.

    Big matches: There are a lot of enemies and you just keep killing them, you can also team up with someone in this. (some big matches allow you to play with other players).

    Battles: There are many kinds of battles, such as: king survival, survival, duel, etc. (You are allowed to have team members in certain battles)

    In king survival you kill the king of the game (another player) in order to get the crown, when you get the crown you get to have max critical hits.
    In survival you just keep killing other players.
    In duel, you obviously just fight 1 other player.

    Mission: There is the 300 mission impossible, mission training.
    In mission impossible you basically do 300 missions, you just keep killing, but it gets harder and harder in these missions. (you may play with other players during mission impossible)
    In mission training, you basically kill 1 computer, as the levels get higher, the number of computers you have to kill by yourself increase. (you cannot play with other players during mission training)

    Enjoy games: you can play games like soccer, hockey, race. In soccer you have a team and you just knock at a ball and try to get it into the goal.
    In hockey, it's basically the same thing.
    In race you race other players, trying to get to the finish line.

    Here are the 12 characters you can play (not including the "Avatar" character)

    You may switch these characters at any time in between rounds/matches. It's a little like a real-time LoL mixed with a fighting game.

    Fire Characters

    Xyrho is a fire-property character, he is a normal character that speed, power and physical strength are the average level. Its speed of revolution is fast so it has great mobility and after you bear down an opponent it is good to use consecutive skills as a close range attack. As a whole, it has just normal ability portion, but once you make yourself proficient in using Xyrho, you can be a competent gamer in a 1:1 match.

    Shamoo is a fire-property character. It has the fastest maximum speed among all characters of Survival Project and can easily move by flying with stick, however it has demerits of slow acceleration and speed of revolution.

    Cara is an elite assassin. She has has never failed a mission. She is earned by other assassins and looked up to by younger assassins. However, even she always carries worries in the corner of her heart. She looks like a good person, but because the assassin's blood flows in her, she turns into a cold-blooded warrior while she executives a mission. She hates the two extremes sides within herself. She has hopes of living a carefree life in a peaceful world.

    Water Characters

    Sven is the strongest character among all character of Survival Project and it has a strong body. A long-range weapon of Sven attracts the opponents, and this covers Sven's slow speed. It has good defensive power so it can be used as a decisive blow while you work as a shield for other team member in a team play. A character which makes you feel excited for blowing a punch after a moment of silent waiting.

    Cream has both of its speed of revolution and the maximum speed are very high and it can fly over water with its wings. It repeats appearance and disappearance and flies over to confuse the opponents in a long-range attack, and when it has lost a fixed amount of energy, it shines rays of light and recovers physical strength. It can be effectively used both in team plays and 1:1 games through attacks using fast moving ability.

    Lucy has the nature of water. The only character that recovers their HP and MP of other characters among the former characters of Survival Project. It has high power of HP recover and protection. It has balanced attacking power of the most short and long distance. It has special ability to strike other character through magic protection. Controls is very important for filling up the weak points, which the character has small arrear and HP when it is hit.

    Wind Characters

    Aurelli's speed is the fastest among all ground force characters. In a close-range attack, she attacks opponents by rotating 360 degrees, but the range is short and exhaustion of MP is large. A character that can be usefully used in duel modes of 1:1 plays or team plays as a supportive role character.

    Hawk has similar amount of ability to Xyrho, but its attacking power is stronger than Xyrho's. Its long-range attacks can't go far away because of range, but they can pass through walls so they can easily bear down the opponents who are hiding behind the walls. A character that has advantages in places which have many obstacles such as Woods in Friends or Ice Ice Baby.

    Will is a character of Wind element. Strong at short range skills. Along with its ground character's nature, it also can float around upon water or grass skillfully. Moreover, it can affix range projectiles wherever it wants to locate. When you control this character weapon skills with inaccurate hit and weak physical strength.

    Earth Characters

    Roland has normal speed, power and physical strength. In a close-range attack it flourishes a sword walking forward, so it cause difficulties in side attacks, but it is fast and has long shooting range. In a long-range attack, it bounces the opponent away, and while doing this, it can succeed in doing a close-range attack. A character which can be very helpfully used in a frontal match in a close-range attack

    Hazel is an earth property character. It has the highest BP and has ability to change to a bat when accelerating. It has a defect of low HP, but has the special ability to absorb 100% of the melee damage delt to enemies into its own HP. A character that is useful in a survival mode and a team play

    Warren is an earth element character who specialization attacks. His power and health work to his favor in close range combat. His attacks push back his opponents and his blows are very strong. On the other hand, his range for ranged attacks is short and his acceleration and spin speed is low. If you use his push attack specialty and his special ability, dash attack, to your advantage , you will be able to come up with many different fighting strategies.

    Keep in mind, there are also training modes in the game so you can practice and if you need any help just ask on the forums. Enjoy!

    Oh and just because :3

    This picture is quite old, over 7 years ago! I'm hoping some of us come back, at least casually. I know we're all older and busy with life but just some time like back in the old days would be nice. I wish there was a way to contact everyone who played MSP/ISP/ESP...
    ONE MOOORE THING... There is no time.

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    Uhmm, huge yes! to this. I'm avoiding games to prepare for school again, but damn, this is very hard to pass up. I absolutely love SP's Soccer. It's so fun! xD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Songz View Post
    Uhmm, huge yes! to this. I'm avoiding games to prepare for school again, but damn, this is very hard to pass up. I absolutely love SP's Soccer. It's so fun! xD
    Hell yeah, soccer was my favorite too!

    Oh gawd, how i miss Hawk. Cant wait to get back in it

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    Oh man, I remember playing this back in the day on my old ass toaster desktop rig, it was super laggy because of integrated graphics but man even then it was a blast. Definitely gonna give this game another go.

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    Oh god.

    Time to give it a go.

    Did notice a thread titled "Unofficially Dead" when I went to the webpage, is that a sign of downfall?
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    someone is ddosing them? hahah damn but i love this game
    why did it even get shut down?
    p2p material right here SP

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    Oh wow thanks for posting this!
    I've long awaited for this game's revival!
    DLing right now. Stoked!


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    Omfg, yes. Holy crap. I nearly pooped a little.

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    Well it's technically a private server, but since the game is technically dead world wide, So i'm actually ok with this.

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    They need to release the source code so we can keep it running if they decide to quit again like last time... :S

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