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Thread: Dragon Prophet P2W?

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    Not sure if it's pay to win, but it's definitely "pay for convenience." That is, if you don't pay, you're going to have to put in a lot more work than those that don't play. During my time in the game (that was a month or more ago, tho), it seemed like Station Cash had its hands in a majority of the game. If you want more dragon slots in your lair, you have to pay. If you want a better chance when upgrading/crafting, you can pay, etc...
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    I am a veteran of DP since cbt with multiple characters at the level cap. The game is very pay2win.
    you dont necesarily HAVE to take part in the p2w stuff, youll be at a disadvantage but I still manage it.
    all I can say is dont bother with the game unless youre willing to throw down about 50 to 60 bucks on it. 50 to 60 dollars will get your dragon summoning slots, dragon lair slots, and inventory slots. The bank costs 150 dollars to unlock so stay away from that. By the way this is PER character. Not sure if it counts as pay for convenience, but its surely pay for basic features of the game.
    the pay to win stuff comes in at end game.
    for example, I just got an epic 2h sword rare drop which had nothing but magic stats on it which are next to useless for my class yet its the only class that can use it. They do this on purpose becsuse you CAN get different stats on it. To do this you must find another weapon with your ideal stats and transfer it with money.
    if the stats are very low after the transfer you must re roll the stats until they are good, paying each time.
    doing this for an armor set is gonna cost you about 20 dollars per piece.
    couple people in my guild have spent thousands of dollars still in beta to gear up.
    dont get me wrong, the game is loads of fun. Its a bit aggravating to have to pay to make your dragons powerful and get good gear, but it is an enjoyable experience if you unlock dragon slots and inventory slots.

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    Not sure if anything changed on the NA version (which was much less P2W compared to the EU version, tho still P2W), but the EU version is like always. The game is a very heavy P2W game.

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