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Thread: Any good Action MMO out there?

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    Default Any good Action MMO out there?

    Title pretty much said it all, didnt it?
    Played Tera, wasnt my game but combat system kinda turned me on

    Anything similar on the market thats worth playing?
    I am playing from EU so there shouldnt be a IP block or something liek that

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    Dragon nest? EU server was launched earlier in the year I think.
    Raiderz? Heard the EU server was closing down so probably not a good choice :P
    Vindictus? Haven't played it due to being ip blocked but looks good.
    Continent of the Ninth? Decent but didn't hold my attention for that long.
    Neverwinter? Pay2win I think but looks decent.

    Bout all I can think of at the moment.

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    For fantasy, Dragon's Prophet and RaiderZ are fairly similar to TERA's combat. Neverwinter, as well. All three games (as with most F2P games) could be considered P2W, or at least pay-to-have-a-much-easier-time. Vindictus isn't exactly an MMORPG, at least not in a traditional sense. But the combat was really fun and I liked my time playing it (2-3 years ago). I played a bit of continent of the ninth, but like Technikal, it didn't keep my interest for long so I can't comment on it much.

    If you don't mind sci-fi, check out Fallen Earth. Pretty decent game with both first and third person combat. Has a similar feeling to Fallout, and some similar mechanics to it. Lots of fun mount (both biological mount - horse, giant chickens, etc... and vehicular - including some that have mounted weapons, I hear), crafting, and interesting character development system. However, it is a traditional MMO in the sense that you need to do quests to progress. Late game is heavily dependent on faction warfare (I think) between the various factions trying to control the wasteland.
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    HeroesGo ( just came out and so far it is pretty fun.

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