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Thread: Maestia closing down

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    Default Maestia closing down

    Dear Maestia Players,

    We will be officially closing the Maestia: Rise of Keledus servers on Saturday 9/21/2013. Payment servers will be closing today at 7pm PDT, so no new payments can be for Maestia Item Mall points.

    As a special thank you to all the players who enjoyed Maestia and purchased Item Mall points, we'll be returning all Item Mall points* (spent or currently saved) and convert them back to WarpPortal energy, for you to use on any other WarpPortal title!

    We hope you enjoyed Maestia, as much as we enjoyed hosting it!

    Thank you!

    *Free points, or points earned via event will NOT be returned.

    Well it was a fun game shame to see it go I was thinking of going back to it

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    I played this game for a bit. It had a lot of features I liked but it got pretty grindy. The population was pretty small when I started and they were pretty well geared so I felt like a pointless uphill battle so I stopped playing.

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