Introduction: Hey Fellow Gamers, Im Skogson the Swede!

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    Default Introduction: Hey Fellow Gamers, Im Skogson the Swede!

    Born in 85 and was part of the whole LAN Party era
    Used to play mainly competitive fps titles back then like cs and unreal tournament.

    Nowadays i mainly play rpg mmo and sandbox games.
    what i play most right now is

    Used to work in games development as a visual designer at Funcom in Oslo
    Characters, VFX, monsters, assets and world building.
    Before company went bust hehe

    Wanted to get into a new forum and this seems like the place to be!
    Hope to have much fun sharing news and insight

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    Welcome to onrpg man.
    The south will rise again. God bless the C.S.A. The south is my home. I will die for the south. Please bury me in the great Southern land. And sing Dixie as you lay me to rest so i can here it forever. God bless the south.

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