Well.. I figured I might as well introduce myself.
I guess I created this account back in January, 2007.. and I never did anything with it.

Anyways, Hello. My name is Flannery Lue Moore.
I am an avid book reader, basketball player, writer, and video gamer.

I am six foot, four inches tall, (195 Centimeters) and about 137lbs (62kg).
My metabolism is so high, that I have trouble gaining weight. So yes, I am very skinny.

I am 22 years old, and I graduated from South Salem Highschool in 2009. I played on my HighSchool's Girls Varsity Basketball team from 2006, to 2009. In 2008, we won the interstate championship. I graduated from O.S.U. in 2011 with an Accelerated Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing. 'Accelerated' as in, the class was much more advanced than usual, and I graduated at an earlier date than I would have if I took a normal class.

My first game system was a Nintendo 64. And my first game was StarFox 64. I believe that my favourite game of all time, would have to be Pokemon Emerald Version. The very first MMO that I played was RuneScape, and the next was Sherwood Dungeon. I started to play RuneScape in August 2001, and I had membership since January 2002, untill recently, last year when I forgot to keep my membership topped up. My profile picture, and Avatar are screenshots of my old membership date.

For several years, ever since I started playing RuneScape, I've been searching online for an MMO that has similar content to RuneScape. Such as, a complete Medieval life simulator. So far, MineCraft is the only game out there that has similar qualities. Well.. the only one that I have been able to find. I like how you have to create everything from scratch, and craft your own items.

Chop down a tree. Craft the logs into arrow shafts. Kill a chicken, use the feathers on the shafts, then go mine Copper, and Tin, and smelt them in the furnace to create a bronze bar. Then smith that bar into arrow heads on an anvil. Then create your arrows. ..Its amazing. And I wish there was another game like that on the web. Something so in depth, that its mind boggling. Quite literally, a real life simulator. Albeit worse graphics than real life. xD

I've yet to find a game like that, so I stick with RS, and MC, untill a game such as that comes to my attention.

Have any of you ever heard of Asperger's Syndrome?
Its a form of Autism that directly affects one's social abilities. It has other effects as well, such as physical clumsiness, forgetfulness, and a tendency to repeat things. I have this disorder, and it does affect me, but it is minimal. So if I do seem off key, or rude, then it is most likely due to this. I apologise in advance, just incase.

Asperger's affects me Verbally, but not nonverbally. I am able to type things out, and hold a conversation fairly easily by pure text. Yes, I will make mistakes, and assume certain things by accident at times, but that is to be expected of anyone, because it is simply text on a screen. A conversation usually requires an alteration in voice tones, and body language for people to be able to understand you to their fullest extent. And as you very well might be aware of, that is nigh on impossible to do with text at times.

I am currently working on my third book: 'The Revenge of Darzul.'
Neither of the other two books have been published, nor do I have any plans to publish them. I doubt I will release this one either. They are for me, and my closest friends. I have roughly 89 pages typed in MicroSoft Word, with size 11, Times New Roman font. Edge to edge bordering, so the entire page is filled. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to send me a PM.

And look at me go.. lol.
I'm practically writing a book, right here on this page! xD

So, as I said before, hello. =)
I might not be very active on these forums.. but then again, I might. It all depends on my day to day activities, and whether or not I feel comfortable here in this community. When I saw how small the forums were, it kind of made me think: 'Oh. That might be why I never did anything here.'
They are so limited.. =/

Like, there is no off topic, or 'Real Life' sections.. Its all mainly about Onrpg, and MMOHuts... Not much of a discussion Board. Soo.. um. I guess I'll see everyone around the forums.