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Thread: Any live streamers here? Check this out!

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    Default Any live streamers here? Check this out!

    eSportsTop100 is now LIVE. Are you ready for an easier way to build up an active viewer base for your streams?

    Brief Description:
    eSports Top 100 offers a competitive streamer ranking platform. Our goal for the website is to make it easier for new & seasoned streamers to gain more recognition and viewers. The platform is designed with the gamer & streamer in mind. It provides all the necessary tools, and connections a streamer needs in order to expand their viewer base, followers, and overall recognition. We offer a variety of ways to find the highest ranked streams of the day, week, or month with ease. Read below to learn more.


    General Information
    Our ranking system is competitive and unique because the rankings are based upon votes by other viewers and users from both a registered users stream, and newly acquired viewers from eSportsTop100. We allow a streamer the options to connect with & various social platforms around the web which will help them build up a viewer base easier. The owner of a stream may place our vote code on their stream page giving their users the opportunity to vote for them conveniently and easily . The more votes a streamer receives, the higher they are ranked on eSportsTop100. The votes reset every 24 hours at 10:00 AM (UTC + 1). The higher ranked a streamer is the more likely they are to be noticed which in turn brings them more viewers. Each person is allowed to vote every 6 hours which is a total of 4 times a day. We have protection against the same person voting more than once within 6 hours to create a fair, and competitive ranking list. We have filtering options that allow a visitor the option of quickly finding the top streamer of the day, week, or month with ease.

    Our Goals
    Our ultimate goal and purpose for creating this website is to create an environment in which streamers & gamers could gain recognition, and viewers easily. We also created a platform that allows a streamer the ability to be ranked fairly, and accurately by giving them the proper tools and connections needed to become well known. We have put in the necessary time, research, and development to make this possible. We are working hard on search engine optimization, keyword research, and various other marketing related tasks. Everyone will benefit from this as it will bring in large amounts of organic search traffic from the major search engines for a variety of popular streaming related keywords.. We're building eSportsTop100 with the gamer & streamer in mind, and we're confident that it will eventually give them everything needed to become a popular, and recognized streamer.

    Feedback & Suggestions
    We are in the early beta stages of the website, and feedback & suggestions from our users is crucial. We would LOVE to hear your feedback rather its good or bad. We're here to build this website for you, the streamer. Help us out by submitting any type of feedback or suggestions you have to

    What are you waiting for? It takes a few seconds to register, and once you're registered, and the vote code is properly placed your work is done. Sit back and stream while you enjoy more viewers.


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    So, basically, it's a ranking system based on the equivalent of followers that resets every day.
    I honestly don't see how it will help new people get noticed. If the current popular streamers sign up they are automatically going to be shot to top standing due to existing viewers. If anything it will be a site that makes the rich richer.

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