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    Default Age of Wushu

    So I was thinking about playing Age of Wushu again. I updated my client last night and logged on for a bit and talked to a few old friends, found my server had another server merged with it, and a took a look at some of the new stuff added. Today, I was about to hop on again, but decided to check the forums for a bit before I logged on.

    What I saw was pretty annoying. Apparently Snail once again added some sort of automated code to detect botters/cheaters. Similar to the code they put in to auto-detect gold buyers, it appears that a lot of legit players are being affected by this. The primary cause of this is false positives caused be "acceleration programs" and other 3rd party software that runs along side games, such as WTFast/Battleping or Pando Media Booster (which runs when League of Legends is being played). So, something as simple as setting up an AFK stall and alt-tabbing to play a match in LoL can cause you to be flagged as a botter/cheater, which makes people able to kill you without gaining infamy, causes you to lose money (tho I think this is only bound liang?), and get a lot of infamy extremely fast (not sure if that's all the negative effects). Apparently logging out for a few hours will make the mark go away.

    On top of that, I can't find any evidence that any of their native-English speaking moderators/GMs are still working with the game. Not to be rude, but their current moderators (at least from what have seen) seem to have a limited command on the English language. This would not be a problem if not for the fact that this version of the game is designed primarily for English speakers and therefore a large portion of their cust**** base speaks English (and often only English), which can cause a bit of strain when trying to resolve problems. Another complaint I noticed is that Snail seems to be using an unencrypted billing site (which I haven't confirmed myself yet).

    Needless to say, I'm a extremely wary of trying the game again. Is anyone still playing? What are your thoughts of the current state of the game? Has the crappy ping been fixed? Seeing as I used to get 450-500 ping on average while playing without the use of Battleping, I can't really stand to play if using that program will get me marked as a cheater. The game just becomes nearly impossible to play, and isn't fun, with a ping in the 400's. The combat relies to much on timing.
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    I have been playing a little. Now a small rant...

    The controls are horrible! Whoever thought active blocking in a tab target game is a good idea is not that bright or has an extra hand. It's near impossible to move your character and camera at the same time you are attacking on top of having to block(oh and I forgot fumping.) On top of that you can not remap keybinds to non standard mouse buttons(thumb) without use of a third party program that will apparently cause you to be punished. If I could block with my mouse thumb rather than worrying about it being included in the already complex dance my left hand is doing I could manage but... RAWRGAGAGAMOTURTLER.

    I haven't noticed any horrible lag. But often character's do not load and name bars gank me.

    I want to like this game so much... but it's so bad.

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    I was one of the legit players that got banned for somehow selling Tael even though they gave no details on how they came up with that, and I'd only made two trades in the game. Neither involved Tael, and after 8 tickets sent to support and given no concrete information on how they looked into things, and even calling the company (no one picked up, left a message like the machine said too and they never called back... go figure.) it's just... a terrible company running the game.

    I even spent over 1000$ on the game and provided all of my purchase information to their support and what not. Not too long after that, a ton of people started getting their accounts hacked. -shrugs- Yeah. The Age of Wushu forums shows just how well things are going... lol.

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    Ever since I quit that day, I never turned back. No regrets after hearing this. I wonder how my old guild is doing. Great game nonetheless.

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    WTFast / etc. can be considered packet editing as well, which is a form of cheating in shooter MMORPGs. Minecraft is updating their network stack to help curb packet editing by having packet headers, and limiting how big a packet can be.

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