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    ya.. maybe doing pvp is different for different people. Apoca, you may be going about pvp in the wrong way. To enjoy pvp means to enjoy winning the battle before it begins. it means knowing every formula in as much detail as possible, knowing every combo, knowing every spell and how it works, and its weaknesses and strengths.

    for example, in neverwinter nights, i know precisely how to calculate the save for a spell cast by a level 20 mage against a level 20 barbarian. the save is based on Charisma score+10 against the barbarians Wisdom stat+1d20, adjusted for any racial bonuses. I know, for example, that a wisdom-based spell will work well against a Barb because barb's need to have low Wisdom Stats in order to boost their Strength stat up. A wisdom-based spell will not work well against a Cleric whose primary stat is Wisdom.

    Cumulatively, basically, in Regnum and DAOC style mmos, knowing all those details means I can plan to win and know precisely when I will win and when I will lose even before the fight begins. This is the fun of playing regnum/daoc style mmos.

    You can't do that in Tera/action mmos or asian mmos because they never disclose all the formulas for 2 reasons 1) usually they alter it without telling people and 2) because their formulas are full of bugs they do not want to fix. Such games are not for hardcore thorough pvpers who like DAOC style pvp. (even WoW style pvp is acceptable in this way, but the spell structure is not nice in WoW).

    so yea, to really get in DAOC means you gotta be hungry to win, gotta be hungry to kill - and not be daunted by little things like spell interrupts and so on. You gotta be ready to die to learn. You gotta be ready to be Number One. (spell interuupts in NWN is calculated vs Concentration skill check which which Concentration discpile+1d20 vs the damage caused by the spell. thats how detailed you want to get to)

    There are no easy solutions, no easy wins in PvP. That is why PvP mmos are the best long term entertainment. (Dota does this by having scores of heroes, which means the solution takes years to figure out)

    I told my friend about Champions of Regnum on steam, and they seemed interested. Not sure if we'll try it out or not. I'm not sure if its population is any better than DAOC is, currently. Plus I think Regnum is a bit more shallow in terms of content (less classes/races and the world isn't as big, I think). Plus the grind in Regnum is a lot worse
    some remarks on your observations above
    1) Regnum is more of a mini-scaled down version of DAOC. DAOC's map is much larger.
    2) Regnum's grind to max level may be more than DAOC, but everyone is much closer to the main war and you can capably face pvp at lvl 25+, which is only 8-10 hours solo questing. DAOC's war can be spread out into little groups all over the map. This isn't bad, it's just different.
    3) You do not need to be max level in either DAOC or Regnum to enjoy pvp. I believe both of them are well structured so that you actually know how to benchmark your pvp ability below max level.
    4) Regnum doesn't need DAOC's population to be enjoyable. In fact, many mmo pvp games do really well with 300-1,000 per server, which is Regnum's sweet spot. See population list ranking here for steam games :-
    5) Regnum does not have the skating combat effect.
    6) Regnum does not have a subscription. (DAOC Classic is free though)
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    Be warned - I am a major player of Regnum Online the mmo. I've been playing it for about 2 years and rarely go without logging in at least once a day. You can also look at good alternatives to Regnum such ase Aion online and Aika Online.

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