i love DAOC's huge variety of classes (similar in size to Shadowbane's maybe). However, I tend not to play such mmos (like LoL also) as much because figuring out the optimum builds for your playstyle (ie: how to kill players often) takes ages. Very often the game is not balanced yet, or the devs deliberately stuck in heaps of classes to keep balance changing so players are forced to chase changing goal posts. I hate goal posts which change just to entertain the devs.

I like to think mmos have only just started to explore their huge market. MMOs ultimately should evolve into substitute for relaxing family entertainment. This means their largest paying market could be maturing adults with cash. Such adults probably like casual, fair, intense games with lasting depth in thinking. You can't get this with typical mobas. This is why I am comfortable putting time into small mmos like Regnum.

I also think DAOC has big potential if they went f2p, provided they get rid of that skating combat animation. Has that been removed yet?