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Thread: How do i remove this blocking ad on the screen?

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    Default How do i remove this blocking ad on the screen?

    So my suggestion is to somehow fix these ads (or tell me how to remove them).
    They block half the text, and even after I click on them they won't go away.
    I don't mind having them pop-up, but after reading them i would like to remove them.
    pressing reload screen didnt remove the ad.
    Even when I scroll up and down the ad stays there.

    edit: ok i figured out if i cut and paste the url into a new browser window, the ad would not appear. but.. i shouldnt need to go through so many hoops?
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    Probably a stupid reaction, but what I would try would be hovering my cursor over the ad, then hovering the cursor over the text, and then holding down Ctrl button while I mouse wheel up one unit... Or download ad block.

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