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Thread: Didn't get my Free BETA/Item Key for Fallen Earth

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    Default Didn't get my Free BETA/Item Key for Fallen Earth

    First of all- sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but I can't seem to find any sort of 'contact us' or 'complaint' links anywhere[another small inconvenience I find with this site]. Anyways:

    I signed up to this forum specifically for the Free Item Key for Fallen Earth which it offered and after going through the trouble of signing up and going through all the steps, when I entered my info in the final step at all I got was a message saying "Hey kirlog! Your Item Key is" followed by nothing[I even checked the source code to make sure it wasn't just a case of undisplayed text].

    This seems like a decent forum, and I wouldn't mind staying, but FE has it's own forum I'm already a part of and I was promised a free gift for joining this one. Regardless of how small, it's the principal that matters, so if this site doesn't hold up it's end of the bargain I feel it's necessary to delete my account and warn others via consumer alert sites of the false advertisements and giveaways offered here. I think it said something about the deal was available 'while supplies last', but I assumed that since the page still existed that meant the supply did as well. Even if that's the case there is still no excuse for continuing to offer it[I use to program sites, so I know it may take some effort on your part to set it up so that the offer/page automatically expires once the stock is depleted, but I also know it's a fraction of the work it must have taken to write the script for the offer page alone, none-the-less the functions it [is supposed to] perform.] Also, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has brought your attention to this matter, so even without automation there is no excuse for you not having already removed the offer manually[select the HTML/java/CSS link/whatever and hit 'DEL'].

    Now I've just gone through more effort writing this than it would have for you to have taken down said offer, and I've done so for 2 reasons:
    1, as I said, it's a matter of principal- I fulfilled my half of the bargain, and I expect you to fulfill yours[or if not possible, at least apologize, remove the expired advertisement, and maybe offer some other sort of compensation[if this sounds like it's coming from someone who expects cust**** satisfaction, no matter how large or how small, it is, as I run my own onlline store and have learned the hard way that it is important to do your best to please EVERY cust****[some there is no leasing, I know, and I'm being harsh but I don't feel I'm asking anything unreasonable]. And also, yes, I AM your cust****- you may have only made a few cents off me so far from viewing your ads, but you have,and will continue to do so if you respond reasonably. This, after all, is how you are able to get gaming companies to allow you to offer free in-game items and such, but if your response[or lack of response] gives me reason to believe that this is exactly why you don't remove expired offers, I most definitely will be spamming consumer alert sites[and companies-like GamersFirst[which created FE] with notices of such disreputable business practices.I truly hope this is not the case.
    And 2, also as said: this looks like a pretty decent forum and I wouldn't mind remaining a part of it[or have to go through the trouble of defaming it over something like this, but I run my business by strict ethics, and expect the same from others.]

    Please respond soon, and I sincerely hope we can work this out easily enough.
    -Richard Nelson

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    Hey Richard.

    First of all let me clear up my role: I'm senior editor but I don't handle giveaways on site (putting them up, etc), my duties revolve around news, features, profiles, that kind of thing. I'm not responsible for cust**** service or anything like that, I just saw your post and wanted to reply since I've spent years working for MMOHut and have some personal care about how we run the site.

    That particular giveaway is from 2011. MMOHuts system doesn't show dates on the articles themselves (an issue I'd like to have us address at some point), but you can see on our main giveaway page the date that giveaway was put up. As you can tell, we're not in the habit of taking down giveaways, and there are a number of reasons taking them down is not always a good option (none of which are hoping to bait and switch people into signing up for the forums). I think a lot of this would probably have been cleared up if you had seen the date on the giveaway, since I doubt you would have tried to enter for a key if it was posted back in 2011, right? =)

    We have actually introduced a new system recently that helps everyone see what our keys available on each giveaway are. Unfortunately this in an old giveaway that was not looped in as part of the system, so it doesn't show key availability - which would have been a big help. You can see what that current system looks like here and here.

    There's really no way we can "fulfill" the key. We offered the keys until we were out of stock, which was our part of the bargain, and we didn't incorrectly claim available keys. We don't create the keys for each game or program them into the system for each game; that's all in the hands of the game companies. I totally get it being frustrating to find an expired giveaway on site though and that's something we can brainstorm about improving for the future.

    Also you're right; there is no easy "contact us" sort of link. That's also something we can look at as a future improvement for the site.

    Outside of looking to improve these areas long term, I do apologize for you hitting a giveaway with no keys left. I think you'd actually rather enjoy the community here; they're a cool bunch.

    We're looking to create an expired notice on giveaways posted prior to our current system, so you (and others) don't have that problem again. All current and new giveaways on the site automatically get marked as expired to avoid creating future problems.

    Anything else I can help with?
    Senior Editor, OnRPG/MMOHuts
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