As it comes up in this Forum, i want to share my opinions when i respect other forumites, don`t try to reach all points, as i`m (as usually) very harsh on it.
Oh, this should work in other Forums, too.

Don`t wanna read anything? Well no prob, just look at this small video for a first start and then read on

1) So, you just found the forum and make your first reply, how to do it?

Well, all Bigheads will read it, but don`t be scared. If you have something useful to say ABOUT THE TOPIC, don`t hesitate to write.

Bad example:

X: Where do i find Neckis?
You: i dunno
You: When comes Ossyiria?
You: can i have an account?
Good example:

X: Where do i find Neckis?
You: Hey, look at the sewers or Subway in Kerning, cya there
2) Also a good advice is, BE NICE. Sorry it should be obvious, but people seem to forget this simply matter.

X: Where do i find Neckis?
You see, the Information is given, but still all others will NOT respect you. You wonder why? Well, look at the first 7 words under 2).
You got that first challenge, then it`s no big deal to start

3) Your first Post:
Use a Topic Title that describes what you want to say. It isn`t hard, trust me.

What`s the Point?
See, no Info comes with the title, so why should anyone answer? Sure you get your answers but it`s usually flame. You don`t know what flame means? Don`t worry, we cover that high-skills later.

Sauna Gown
Good Spot for a lv24 Mage to train
I`m kinda new, plz help
See? You get alas an Idea what is in there, so people will look in and perhaps even help you.
Even the last is ok for me, as it describes what the Topic Starter wants. It`s no prob to being a newbie, just don`t be a annoying one.

4) Last one, try to use proper english:
Many of us (including me) don`t have english as our native tongue. So it`s
a) Disturbing for people who have it as natural language.
b) Almost unreadable for people who aren`t so firm with it.

Good Example:

this Post
Yes i know there are many errors in this, but alas i TRY to write that anyone can read AND UNDERSTAND me, and i hope it works Sadly enough, many forumites in other forums said that i write better than some native-writing-posters, isn`t that sad?

Bad Example:

can sum1 tel m what se red pilfa is 4?can sum1 tel m what se red pilfa is 4?
Can you understand it? Well, perhaps you can, but a lot (alot?) of readers won`t.

5) Alas TRY to read the FAQ`s (which every forum has), know how to use the "search" and there`s no way you won`t be respected.

Finally, you don`t need to look at the max. posts the people have (alas for me). Heck, you can have let`s say 10 to 20 posts and be respected or 3000 posts and still the court jester.
And (even if it should be obvious) be nice. Is it so hard? Don`t use harsh words, don`t be an ass, it`s that simple.

PS: I referred to flaming, but that is something you don`t need to know. Flaming someone without using insults, bad words etc. is a skill you can only learn in the digital plane