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    I would like to announce that new, free MMORPG for Android called "MMORPG Monsters" is comming soon! I am the developer of this game. This is first place where I announce this game. I thought it will be ready in march, but now I belive it might be in open beta even in december! Thats why I decided to start promoting the game right now. You can read more about the game here: My blog about Monsters MMORPG. If you want to know more about me, please check my main site: I have 2,5 years of commercial experience as Java Developer(in IT corporation) and master's degree in IT. I don't say it like "look at me, I am so amazing", I just wanted to say I have some background, I am not a guy that says he will make a game but he does not know how to implement client-server communication... Although I am not a graphics artist. The graphics for my game I obtained for free (with CC 3.0 license), it will improve if I manage to earn a bit on the game and pay for artists work. Thats how character creation screen looks like at the moment:

    Game will be free to play, with advertisements. There will be premium accounts (for example to remove advertisements), but it definitely will NOT be the pay-to-win game.

    It is gonna be text-based, like games for Android from Storm8 (Pets Live, Vampires Live, all other crap Live), just better. And why its gonna be better? I give you three reasons:

    A) whole server will be divided in two sides of conflict, the better side will get weekly perks

    Focused on PVP. Death will mean something. Lost fights will decrease your experience!

    C) you will be able to find, equip and upgrade ITEMS (omg, how can you skip this elements!? These top popular MMORPGs don't have it)

    And many more when the game develops - I have a lot of ideas to implement.

    ...So, to avoid a situation where I will end up with MMORPG game for one player (because nobody else knows about it), I start to announce it already. Please check the blog for updates or contact me here: so I'll mail you when I release the open beta.

    Thank you for reading this post. Keep in touch!
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    Make this game for Windows Phone and I'll be downloading it in no time.

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