Hello I would like to present u new (rly new ) Cabal Online server.

Insomnia Cabal Online Episode 8 Updated Up To Episode 10

Normal Exp:600x
Craft Exp:200x
Skill Exp:900x
War Exp:300x
Pet Exp:180x
Drop Rate:300x
Alz Drop Rate:250x
Alz Bomb Rate:200x
Item per drop:3x
Crafted+Sloted Items On Drop
Vote Reward
Edytowany NShop and Fort Ruina Grocer
PVP Balance.

Channel 11 (hardcore) spawn all necessary mobs to make class ranks (for example durahans). You dont have to run over and over that boring dungeons to make your character strong! This all is created for peoples who want to play on new, fresh server with the future. Soon we will introduce new update with another great edited bosses and other attractions.

Link: www.insomniacabal.de