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Thread: So, I'm fat... again.

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    Default So, I'm fat... again.

    So, back in late 2007 I weighed ~320lbs at 6'3". I decided I was a fat f*ck and started working out.
    I didn't really consider it "work" at the time I just did it. After around 4 months I was down to around 215.
    It felt great... I could do pretty much so anything and not get tired / die.

    Then I got married and started working at a call center. My activity quickly died and I lost the desire to really keep going.
    Now I am a fat f*ck again and just put on a pair of pants that I had in the bottom of the closet... It feels like pretty bad. I'm talking about the sadness of going from medium to 2XL. lol



    I look like the blob that crept up on and assimilated my old self.

    I would really like to get back in shape but can't keep the motivation for over a week.

    Anyone else struggling with being a fatty?
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