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Thread: New Anime/MMO! lucent heart!! :D

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    Default New Anime/MMO! lucent heart!! :D

    ( sorry for my english im french :S)

    Hey guys! a new anime mmo is about to lauch! Lucent heart!!

    Lucent heart is a free to play anime mmo style base on a zodiac system and soul mate system!
    In this game you can marry an other player, got a house and they thinking about have child!
    But dont worry for the fighter! this game got an important combat system! 6 class, craft system, zodiac system ( where you can get skill depending your zodiac), god skill! chose your path! good or bad? unique skill for each way.
    The game have an AWESOME community! She really friendly, people help each other,pep are really really nice.

    Lucent heart is an awesome game!And the CLOSED BETA START 12 DEC!!! BETA KEY is actually in giving!!!
    you can go on facebook and see where you can get one!

    Here the link!:

    The official site:

    I hope see you in game Zodiac fighter!!!!!
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