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Thread: Aura Kingdom? Founder Beta?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharki3ait View Post
    Played for a good four hours today, took it slow to appreciate it (no rush in cbt before the wipe for me), got to level 14. I absolutely love it so far. The combat and quests may be a bit generic, but the style of the game is so beautiful that it really makes up for the base systems imo. The autopathing isn't bad at all, it only moves you to your objective, doesn't go and quest for you. The combat's generic but fluid and has great effects, the systems in place are pretty amazing. You can see earlier in this thread that I was NOT looking forward to this game. But a friend told me to get a pack, i did, and now look at how I've changed. It's great.
    Yeah I agree with you on everything you said. I've played every X-legend game besides Kitsu when that was out but had trouble sticking to them after a few weeks of playing but this game seems to have a bit more lasting appeal mainly thanks to the different systems they have going and the overall combat being pretty chaotic but awesome looking.. I know PVP will be spammy as hell but I look forward to it lol.

    The game is insanely easy mode and is sorta taking off where Eden is right now, with more and more updates they are making their games easier to get into and hoping you will stick around longer. Not a bad thing but I know the ease of the game will turn a few hardcore players off. For me I like the ease of progression and unlocking different things as you go along.

    Looking forward to trying all the classes in cbt so I know what I wan't to play when OBT comes around.

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    onrpg is giving away aura kingdom beta keys if you guys dont know...get this fast!

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