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Thread: Crappy Fun Time

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    Default Crappy Fun Time

    What are some of the worst games you have played that still manage to be fun?

    I have been playing Infestation: Survivor Stories. The game is bad-mediocre in pretty much so every field.
    Sub par, poorly optimized graphics and sound. Lacking features. Bad AI. Nasty community. Untrustworthy devs.

    But with a friend or two the sandbox experience still ends up being quite a bit of fun. On the level with what you would expect from a low budget indie game(which it isn't. lol)

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    I had a little fun with Duke Nukem Forever. Right up until I completely rage quit and sold it on ebay for $35. I still feel bad for the person who got it.

    Maple Story...for years...and if they came out with a console version, probably years more...

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