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Thread: Youtube Gaming is ruined, guys.

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    Default Youtube Gaming is ruined, guys.

    I'm actually extremely pissed at what is happening to Let's Players on Youtube. Great commentary/review channels are being thrown to the side while shitty shallow channels like PewDiePie and TobyGames gets to keep their copyright and money making benefits.

    The man is always trying to ruin my internet, dude.

    Long story short, networks don't want to deal with the thousands of channels that are infringing on copyright violations, so they're keeping them a part of the network, taking their money, but not even giving them the benefits of not going through an approval process amongst other things. So the content will be slowed, smaller channels are stripped of benefits, but the networks still get to keep part of their money.

    While bigger channels who give them more money get to keep the benefits and do what they please because the network is on their side. On a business side it makes sense, but the fact that networks are there to protect and channel and jump through hoops for them, it's contradicting. They're bound by contract, so now these small channels are in an agreement that takes their earned money and nothing else.

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